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Posted by UBILDIT | Sep 17, 2007 @ 11:20 PM | 11,249 Views
Well, finally... after months of just letting him stand around looking stupid, I got to work and laminated some blue foam together and gave Beanie Boy a motor and prop on his Beanie... My daughter wanted a little boy with a beanie who could fly... she also wants him to take off and land from his converse tennis shoes that she drew on him... little did she know what she was asking for there...LOL.. But, doing my best, she drew him, I transferred him to foam, cut him out, put a carbon rod right up the middle of him and now he's got propulsion. I plan to make his hands move ... somewhere above the wrist for "elevon" control and the sneakers will have a connected moving rudder control. We put some clay on his beanie after first cutting him out and performed several test glides to make sure he would fly... and he glides really well. I marked the CG.. and he's been sitting around ever since.
The motor, I mounted firewall in the beanie .. is the medium sized GWS outrunner with a GWS 8x4 SF prop. It pulls really good on 3S and only draws 8.8 amps...AUW right now with beanie and motor attached is 5 oz. I'm trying to keep it under 10 or 11 oz.. Either way, he'll fly soon.

Posted by UBILDIT | Sep 09, 2007 @ 11:54 PM | 11,382 Views
This is the log of a 200% size F15 designed by Steve Shumate (Jetset44). I have these two Wemotec MidiFans (70mm) and these two Mega 16/15/2 motors that have just been aching to go into a big big jet. These motor / fan unit combo's run really well on a 4S 1800 20C pack and I have 6 of them. Dont ask me why...and Vyceroy..dont laugh too hard.
Here are the first build photos. Just for a size reference..the plans cover nearly an entire pool table and I tossed a yardstick on to the top of the plane for one of the photos.
Wingspan is 42 inches... I don't know anything else right now. I am just laying the pieces together to see what it looks like. I may just build it and make the exterior very scale and put no motors in it at all... or just wait until I have perfected some of the ideas I had while thinking about this build.
It is definately the largest scratchbuild I have ever undertaken ... whether it gets electronics or not.. LOL..

Anyway..here's the pictures.

Posted by UBILDIT | Sep 03, 2007 @ 03:59 PM | 9,873 Views
Well, after looking around my shop... because I certainly could'nt walk around in it, I decided it was time to clean house. So I got everything that currently flys and put it together for a group photo. This served 2 purposes. 1...I got everything out of the way so I could clean up and organize. 2...I got to take a sort of inventory of what I had. Man I have a lot of different planes and for that I am gratefull. Cant' figure out why I always seem to want to build something different and new. I guess I'm addicted for real. Anyway, here's a few shots of the plane stable and then a shot of how I am putting them back in the shop. Hanging from the ceiling. They look good up there and they're out of the way.
Also I've made great progress on the Wing for the Goose. Both motors installed and running in counter-rotating directions, all I have left for the wing is 1 aileron servo, glue the wing together and install the cowls. It's looking really good. Now I have to find some noseart that resembles a mongoose...cartoon style of course... LOL..