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Posted by UBILDIT | Jul 31, 2007 @ 06:35 PM | 9,110 Views
Here's just a few pictures of my Super Chipmunk 90S. It's a World Models ARF that someone built and flew a few times.. Aparently they were discouraged by the fact that the retractable landing gear kept ripping out of the wing where it was mounted because a friend of mine (thanks Greg McNair) gave it to me and asked that I convert it to a large electric...the only stipulation being that he get's to fly it when it's done... I'll add some specs later.. but here's the pics... Its huge..

Posted by UBILDIT | Jul 10, 2007 @ 08:11 AM | 8,383 Views
Here's the Final version of the GWS ME-262. I maidened it with my friend Vyceroy in Charlotte N.C. this past weekend. Sonofagun and Rudedog and his brother were also there. It was good to see them again. Vyceroy flew his A-10 and P-38 then I decided it was now or never on the "Mega" 262 so I slapped a 4S 1800 into the nose and taxied it down the runway. The runway, was a finished but un-used section of an interstate bypass...it had a little dirt and a few rocks on it, but was very nice for planes with gear on it. Rudedog's brother said that when it rotated and the exhaust blast hit the ground behind it, it puffed up some dust in that swirling poofy way that the real jets do... I did'nt see it as I was too busy making sure it was still going up instead of another .." bad " direction. The first pack ran out quick and only one motor had power as I tried to get it back to me, which was bad because I did not add rudder controls...but it made it back in one piece. I then used a larger 3Cell pack for the next flight and no problems... 34amps at 312 watts if I remember correctly for the 4S pack... Anyway.. Here's a few pics... and also a few of an F-86 Vyceroy started but did'nt finish. He graciously allowed me to take it back home with me so I could make it scream. Looks good too...

Posted by UBILDIT | Jul 04, 2007 @ 04:30 PM | 8,291 Views
Well, heres a few pictures of my GWS ME 262. This is version II. The first one in a captured Russian paint scheme that resembled camo was lost due to EDF 64 rotor blades flying apart in the air. This one is also a Captured Russian Paint scheme that Vyceroy helped me find. It's supposed to be a metallic blue with a lighter chrome look in the front and the rear. But I can't decide if I have captured the look or if it looks like the Russians took a look at this one and said "hey lets pimp this one out dog"...Still needs some black on the bottom of the forward and aft fuselage and the servo's for elevator and steerable nose gear are not installed, but everything else is ready to go. I modified the nacelles to fit 2 Vasa Carbon Fiber 64mm fan units which each house a Mega 16/15/3. Running on 4S, it pulls 33 amps and 320 watts in static tests. I realize this is overkill, but I can guarantee you these won't loose a rotor blade in flight. LOL...