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Posted by UBILDIT | May 25, 2007 @ 05:41 PM | 8,774 Views
Here's a picture or 2 of my newest Frankenplane. It's the wing from the SX4 and a folded full fuse copy of the Pigi 3-D fuselage, except made from bluecore. The tail surfaces are made from grey foam like bluecore and the wing is Solid EPP. Homemade landing gear and the motor is an Extreme Flight Torque 2830T/1095 with a 12X6 APC prop and a 3S 2,100 mah Apex pack. Flew it before installing the LG and it flew fantastic... looks terrible...flys great.. going to decorate it a bit and see what happens.

Posted by UBILDIT | May 07, 2007 @ 02:07 PM | 7,695 Views
I think I'm just now recovering from SEFF. Traveled too much, had too much sun, too much fun and not enough sleep, but God willing I'll do it all again next year. I'm hoping to bring something that will be able to cross all the boundary zones and compete in speed and looks with Bob Violet's EDF jet that made many cool appearances in 2007.
Anyway, I bought a Mini Stick and finished it. Maidend it yesterday and let's just say it needs some minor repairs involviing CA and some thin balsa re-inforcement before I fly it again. Possibly tail heavy.. definately won't fly when the wing comes off in mid-air.
Also came home with some Gray foam that needs to be tested for strength and durabiltiy, so I come up with the great idea to also test some new ducted fan units from SuperFlying Models by putting MP Jet 25/25/26 MKII motors in them and strapping 2 of them to a folded delta wing made from the experimental foam. More news as events warrant on that.
Some planes came back from SEFF with just a little hanger rash from the trip and some came back needing a major overhaul and 1 just did'nt come back at all. The Blue Angels F-18 is a total Re-Do.
The folded Bluecore Fuselage with the white wing sticking in it is my attempt to revive a great EPP wing by putting it in a copy of a Pigi 3D fuselage I did when the Pigi died. I've made one for my FB Greg as well since he has one of these wings from our SX4's. Anyway, here's a few pics.
Posted by UBILDIT | May 02, 2007 @ 01:31 PM | 7,718 Views
Here's the Mini Stick I bought at SEFF. My first "sticks" build and cover, but it's going good. should have the rest of it together to maiden by the weekend if the weather permits. There's a small Himax outrunner behind the firewall and a T-Bird 9 esc in the compartment. We'll see how she does... I numbered it Luck 13 in honor of my friend Vyceroy.