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Posted by UBILDIT | Mar 26, 2007 @ 06:17 PM | 4,475 Views
Performed "naked" maiden on Corsair, which due to pilot error alone ended with a broken motor shaft, but flight was very good... so finished paint job and markings.. replaced prop and motor shaft and re maidened "fully clothed" yesterday. All I can say is that the GWS Corsair, looks and flies very scale.. I am super happy with it. The largest of the 3 GWS outrunners powers it with a 3 blade 9X7 prop and a 3S 1300 pack. AUW is right at 20 oz.
The S.E.5A is almost done as well. I love it's looks...

Posted by UBILDIT | Mar 20, 2007 @ 06:03 PM | 4,698 Views
Here's pictures of my GWS Corsair. All it needs is cowling, and final paint and decals. Its a case of the picture not actually looking as good as the plane. Usually it's the other way around. In the other pictures, Jetsett44's F-18 in process of becoming a Blue Angels look alike. I even have a airfoiled wing. Notice the size difference in the F-18 and the Corsair. It's huge. The others are of the poor Bandit Mig. Forgot to trim some up elevator in it for hand launch and you can see where the control surfaces are locked into.
The other odd picture is of the hommade in shop air filter. I made it from a cardboard box which used to contain a bumper cover for a Volvo, a cheap wal-mart 20 inch box fan and a household HVAC air filter. All sealed with packing and duct tape. Intake on the bottome air filter through the top. I do anything that may produce dust at the base of it. I cut CF under water.

Posted by UBILDIT | Mar 07, 2007 @ 11:03 AM | 4,927 Views
Finished... other than final paint touches... figure I should fly it first before I go to lots of extra trouble..
AUW with a Hyperion 20C 3s 1200 pack is 14 oz. A wemotec microfan and a e-flite 5,400 kv 370 inrunner power it. Should have a maiden this weekend or before. Main fuse (thanks to Jetset44 for the Superbandit plans) and then wings and tail from my defunct Alpha Models Mig-15. Flight report to follow.

Posted by UBILDIT | Mar 02, 2007 @ 08:03 AM | 4,755 Views
Here's some Pics of the Micro Superfly.. The Superflyrc.com "Mite" that I converted to look like a standard sized superfly. I measured them both and discovered that the Mite is really just a 57% sized Superfly, so I cut the prop slot and the stabilizers based on that and marked the CG range from a similar measurement.
AUW is 6 oz. It uses a Custom CDR single stator speed motor from gobrushless.com, a 4.75X4.75 apc prop and a thunder power 3S 650 mah pack with 2 GWS Pico servo's. The canopy is a vaccuum formed plastic that was made to be a blimp gondola..works good on this plane and it is very fast and maneuverable. I had to make the travel adjustment points on my DX6 for the 2 servo's only 50% up and down to help me get used to it. Lmopar 69 suggests going to a smaller prop because when I give it the goose, it wants to torque roll pretty bad, but as long as you're ready for it it's manageble.

The Bandit Mig, coming along pretty well. Got more sanding to do and then a thin coat of WBPU before painting. One of the pictures shows the Bandit painted on it's left side from tail to intake and it's a German Silver Metallic from Testors...