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Posted by UBILDIT | Feb 22, 2007 @ 01:54 PM | 4,936 Views
Just a quick note. I was unaware that when sanding things that contain epoxy.. like a FFF laminated canopy, or when cutting Carbon Fiber Rods or spars, you should at least use one of those little paper masks over your nose and mouth. It's been reccommended to me that I perform these operations outside and with a mask or at least have a vaccuum hose nearby to catch the particles. As a result of my ignorance, I recently suffered through (what I thought was pneumonia) a small part of my lower left lung collapsed and became infected. It was no fun..
Further investigation revealed that the Carbon Fiber dust can be highly carcenogenic.. Crap!... So, I had to remove everything from the room I build in and totally vacuum, dust and mop everything top to bottom. Motor and prop tests tend to stir up whatever dust is in the room... so.. lots of work and no place to build.
However, I have been able to reorganize the build room into an assembly area, a soldering area and a sanding / finishing area. So it all turned out for the best.. But just a warning to anyone out there who was like me and did'nt know... Use a mask because you need your lungs...

Posted by UBILDIT | Feb 09, 2007 @ 12:17 AM | 4,849 Views
Great friend and FB Greg McNair called me over to his house and said he had a surprise for me. When I arrived, he presented me with my own small blimp, filled with helium, two motors, remote control and already counter weighted so that the battery would make it neutrally bouyant. He also gave me a huge amount of supplies which I can not begin to list, but include balsa spars in different sizes and lengths, multiple sets of brand new pre-bent landing gear, multiple sets of steerable pre-formed nose gear, stick on lead weights, lots of micro brushed motors and electronics, hand carved micro wooden props for direct drive, a gondola and gear for a small rc blimp with motors attached. A large cache of male / female white velcro.. All kinds of stuff.
I was speechless and could not thank him enough. This hobby has introduced me to the best people I have ever known. Not just because my friend Greg gave me some free stuff, but because this time last year I did not even know him and since meeting him this summer, we have shared personal and professional tragedies and triumphs, we have been able to help each other in good times and tough times, and I think that so much like Vyceroy and Hippo, Lmopar 69 and Warreagle (even though I've never even met him) and so many more I have been able to share with personally and in the threads of RCG.. even JAM... LOL.. we would be good friends even if neither one of us liked this kind of stuff at all. Thanks Greg. Thanks to all of you..

Posted by UBILDIT | Feb 05, 2007 @ 08:17 PM | 4,696 Views
Pictures of the almost ready Bandit / Mig... Wingtips from Alpha Models Mig-15 and tail from same plane. Body is a Jetsett44 SuperBandit with a Wemotec Microfan and a 5,400kv park 370 inrunner kindly donated by Vyceroy. E-flite 20A ESC, 2 GWS Pico servo's.. 1 for Ailerons and 1 for elevator. AUW will be around 12 oz. but that's before sanding, shaping and painting which may equal each other out pretty well. I'm going to go with the German Silver Metallic which will be similar to the finish that Alpha Models has on the Mig. Canopy is laminated and ready to shape as is the nosecone. Pictures of that soon. Should be a real screamer..