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Posted by UBILDIT | Jan 22, 2007 @ 06:17 PM | 4,474 Views
Flew the FatCat EDF. Looks great in the air. Rock solid tracking, rolls well, but slow for what I thought it would be. Going to make some mods and slim it down, especially the ugly canopy and stuff. Rises off grass pretty well though and Vyceroy said that for really good speed, we probably need to make a thinner airfoil into the wings,, which means putting a new wing on, which might as well mean starting from scratch for me... LOL.. I'll make this one a pusher prop with this new JustGoFly 450TH motor I bought from a guy. It's a screamer with a 6x5.5 and pulls very few amps. He was flying an AZ shrike he scratchbuilt and it was hitting 100+ w/no problem.
Also finally built the Foam EZ by GPW, maidened it today. What fun that was, even in a really strong headwind that I normally would not fly in, this thing flew great. Just using a twin ips motor gearbox setup with a 10x8 sf prop. Another interesting project is a Foamfly.com Atomic Wing that I slid into a Universal Fuselage, stuck a Custom CDR single stator speed motor and 5.7x3.5 prop on the back. Got it figured how to work the elevators with 2 wires and just 1 servo, but had a bunch of other stuff going on as well. Picture is without rudder. Took a 3s 2100 pack to balance it out anywhere near the leading edge, but at least I'll get lots of flight time and it still only weighs 9 - 10 oz. Should be kind of fast. The micro Lazy Bee is also a fun project that I am enjoying. So tiny and cool looking. Made it from scrap 3mm Depron, some white, some grey. Anyway, that's what's going on in my world besides pneumonia and feeling like poop.

Posted by UBILDIT | Jan 15, 2007 @ 09:28 AM | 4,728 Views
Made some great progress on the Fat Cat by Vyceroy this weekend. So, this is really just a continuation of the conversion process I've been blogging in past entries. However, I solved the problem of how to make 2 wing halves strong in their positions. I joined the 2 wing halves with a 2 inch wide strip of bluecore bent to shape, just over the EDF unit and mounting bracket. So, it actually strengthened the whole plane in that area. Got the nose and intakes finished and covered. Got the tail booms mounted and both wings in place. There will be a piece / former on top of the edf intake / exhaust area where all equipment will go. Oddly enough, the plane is balancing perfectly and the only thing missing is an elevator servo (during the balance tests.) So, battery placement should be right over the CG with no problem. We'll See.. but it is lookinig so good.

Posted by UBILDIT | Jan 09, 2007 @ 06:57 PM | 4,199 Views
Heres a few pics of the GWS ME-109. Found the kit at my LHS on sale. No wing markings yet, but looking pretty good. I've got a GWS Corsair Sloper kit on the way thanks to Vyceroy for turning me on to that. Together the ME-109 and the Corsair can dog fight... LOL..
Posted by UBILDIT | Jan 01, 2007 @ 09:15 PM | 4,744 Views
Got a few pictures of my finished Mini Bird of Prey from Edge RC. Was going to maiden it today....new years day, but wind and cold got the better of me and probably lucky that it did.. Anyway, excited about finishing it and can't wait to fly it. Its going to be pushed along by a Hacker B20 26L and a 4.75 x5.5 apc prop and a 3 cell 2100 or a 3cell 1200 and 2 0z of lead in a baggie.. LOL...

Other notable points.. finally figured out how to mount the fan and ducting in the Fat Cat EDF modification that I'm working on. Note the 2 strips of Bluecore and up under the intake tube, the popsicle sticks used to spread the fuse bottom apart for more room. Should be able to mount the rest of the fuse and the wings in the next day or so.. It's going to be really nice..