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Posted by UBILDIT | Jun 21, 2006 @ 12:56 AM | 4,925 Views
Just Finished Glovesave39's F-16 XL. What a sweet flying plane. It also looks super cool in the air and is very strong. Made it in 6mm Dep, and used a Gobrushless Single Stator Special Edition which will put out 17 oz. of thrust and only weighs 1 oz. This thing flys all day on 1 1200 3 cell pack and will go straight up while rolling like a drill. I probably need to turn my throws down. Anyway I wanted to post a picture even though I am not through with the painting and sharpie touches. I am having too much fun flying it. Thanks Glove for a great / fun easy to build plane.

Posted by UBILDIT | Jun 07, 2006 @ 10:43 AM | 5,119 Views
I have recently had the pleasure to meet 2 members in person as they traveled by my place of business. Greg McNair was the first one. We had even split an order of Depron without even meeting in person. Then I got him on board to be a Superfly demo team member. and we met, exchanged foam and have been talking frequently since that time. He lives near me and has kids similar ages to mine.
The yesterday, Imopar69 PM'd me that he was on the way to Birmingham from Ft. Rucker Alabama and to give him a call. He and his family stopped by on the way and I got to meet them all. Such nice people and we all had something in common.
Greg has a HoverDisc we talk about all the time. Imopar has a mini BOP that I recently order one of thanks to him showing me the video of his going about 100 mph. He brought his with him just to make me jealous I'm sure.

These two guys are the most recent. Hippo and Vyceroy and I met for the first time at the SEEF and I talk with them on a regular basis now. WarrEagle from south Alabama invited me to a night fly in his area on the 17th and if I can go, I will. Would like to meet him as well. RCGroups has been like another family to me and I really enjoy being a part of it. I only hope that I can be as helpful and considerate as the folks who have joined and posted before me have been.