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Posted by UBILDIT | May 08, 2006 @ 04:06 PM | 6,010 Views
Attended my first Big electric Fly-in this past weekend. The SEEF was incredible. It was great to see all the people and their planes and how absorbed everyone was into flying, learning, sharing tips and tricks, bartering and sharing products. I knew that at a minimum, 2 other rcgroups members would be there having fun. 2 guys that I converse with all the time and as I walked down the flight line (Saturday around 11:00am when I arrived) I finally found them. The planes in front of their covered area gave them away as surely as the scar on Al Capone's face. Hippo and Vyceroy from Foam Fly.com. I ended up spending the entire day with those 2 guys and have never had as much fun or laughed so hard at any event. We even outfitted our hoverdiscs with glow sticks, blinking lights, and finger lights so we could do some night flying and there were lots of others who did the same.
I've not been out of the bed much since I got back home and this is one of the first availble times I've had to post pictures or reply to any messages, but I have some great pictures. All in all a great event. One of the best parts was eating "tots with chili and cheese" at the Sonic in Americus GA with Hippo and Vyceroy after it was all over. Thanks to all those who organized this event. Thanks to Hipppo and Vyceroy for their kindness, humor and fellowship. Going back to bed now, feeling weak again.