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Posted by UBILDIT | Apr 26, 2006 @ 02:18 PM | 4,906 Views
Just finished and flew the heck out of the SuperFly from SuperFlyrc.com What an awesome plane. Once I got the CG right and spent a few minutes getting to know it, It is such a great plane to have around. It bounces off the sides of buildings and lands virtually unharmed by the way.
Also working on the Jet Trainer pictured below. An EDF 64 with a 3s 900 in the nose and it comes in at just under 10 oz. right now. I have my doubts as to how well it will fly, but we'll see.
Posted by UBILDIT | Apr 19, 2006 @ 06:31 PM | 5,249 Views
As stupid as it may look, this is my first real attempt at obtaining video footage from a remote control plane. I attached the Multipod to the bottom of my 3d Amos Moses Which I have named "Moe Powah". It is a Depron 35" ws plane that weighs in at 10 oz. with a Park 400 outrunner. Way enough power to put an extra oz. aloft with no problem. I tried to mount it rearward of the CG to get the Multipod away from the engine as far as possible, to reduce the strange wavy lines I had heard about. Did'nt help. At first, I also had the battery too far back so the first few minutes are of my trying to level the plane out. Went ahead and brought it back down. Adjusted the battery and put it back in the air. All of this in a large field I fly in behind where I work. Never stopped recording until I ran out of digital memory. All in all an interesting video... to me at least. The multipod is also way cool. I am currently putting it in the closet until I get the Foam Fly.com Frog built and I am going to put the camera in the cockpit since it is a pusher prop and a nice stable flyer. Enjoy the video ... try not to get sick...

Tried to upload the video file, too big... will get back later...
Posted by UBILDIT | Apr 06, 2006 @ 04:08 PM | 4,590 Views
Decided to Try to Video some flight time from the view of the airplane. My Pigi 3D has plenty of extra power and will hover at 1/2 throttle, even though I have never been the one able to get it to do that... I figure, one of those disposable digital video cameras from CVS would do just fine. I can move my battery back a little or use a lighter 3s pack and put the video recorder on with velcro just like the battery. Even added a strap accross the fuse bottom to cradle the camera just like the battery.
So, off to the club I go. Excited to be probably the first in our club to get video footage from the air over the club, I hook it up and wait for the wind to die down a little and up she goes. Good balance ...smooth flying for video...made nice medium low pass over the flight line at which point several members made rude gestures with their middle fingers at the plane hoping to become video stars I guess...end of the field comes up and I've had enough, the wind is kicking up a little, but just the right amount to elevator the Pigi straight down into the wind right in front of me ... or so I thought. Got a little low in the turn and pulled up... like a white part of the plane just flew off and slingshotted about 30 yards into the swamp.... Oh well. guess thousands of years from now some archaelogist will find it and retrieve the data and see my moronic buddies shooting birds at the camera... Lost $30.00 too. Kind of an expensive lesson. We'll see.