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Posted by robert53 | Jan 16, 2008 @ 02:29 PM | 5,343 Views
The alfa Mig is nothing special. Stock fan and a 2025/4200kv Himax.

The twin is off of ebay. A pair of 2826/1100 China motors on 15 A123's setup in a 5S3P battery pack.

Blue foma jet was an experiment. Got crazy with the glue and it ended up too heavy. Only had a 48mm fan with a 2015/5400kv himax for power. Flew but not well.

The Yak is new, still working out the bugs on it. 2826/800 HXT on 5 A123's (5S1P). It has left snap tendencies when it gets too much elevator input.

The Fan Trainer was built from parkjet plans and doing very well. Running a GWS 64mm fan and a GWS 4600kv inrunner for about 20a. 3 cell lipo.

3d foamy is the first I built, Gave it to a friend to fly for a while. Give him the oportunity to see if he likes them.

Foamyjet has been a pain. Balance, power, thrust have all been a problem. It has one of the Hobby City fan/motor combo's. It does use 30amps but it doesn't convert it to thrust. It uses the most current of any 3 cell fans I'm using and produces the least amount of thrust. Large gap between the fan and housing.
Posted by robert53 | Dec 16, 2007 @ 07:10 PM | 5,282 Views
no laughing
Posted by robert53 | Nov 27, 2007 @ 06:14 PM | 5,414 Views
Newer planes, Mig15 and a blue foam p-38.
Mig is running 3 blade alfa fan with a himax 2025-4200 on 3 cells. About 15 amps, and flies very well.
p-38- a plaything. It's been through 3 motor changes so far. It has TP 2410-09's on 10X4.7's. No speed but great thrust. About 16 amps total on 3 cells.
Posted by robert53 | May 04, 2007 @ 02:10 PM | 5,502 Views
Sitting in Maury Regional hospital with a new granddaughter.
8lb. 5oz. 21"
Posted by robert53 | Apr 07, 2007 @ 11:08 AM | 5,553 Views
Flew the combat paper airplane. A little advice, don't put 2" of throw in the rudder. About 1/2" each way was plenty. It flies but needs a bit more power. Swapped motor to a 2408-21.
Posted by robert53 | Apr 03, 2007 @ 06:48 PM | 5,963 Views
After getting a HXT 50-65B 350kv from a gentleman here on RCGroups I have converted my Balsa USA, Etrich Taube to electric.

The Taube
Wing Span -83.5"
Lenth -63.5"
Weight - 8.5-9 lb
Wing area -1250

It flew before on an OS 91 4-stroke

Now it's flying on the 50-65B on a 6S2P battery made from Emoli cells.
It's truning a 17X10 APC-E at 5800rpm.
The plane flies well. It does most flights at 1/2 throttle or less. I've been very please with this setup.
Posted by robert53 | Mar 16, 2007 @ 04:59 PM | 5,992 Views
Presently flying planes

The 2 Hobby Lobby are from the black friday sale. I hope everyone made that one.
The other is a stick from ebay. Flies pretty well.
Posted by robert53 | Mar 16, 2007 @ 04:51 PM | 5,851 Views
This is the plane we're going to use in club combat. Plane to plane, no streamers. If you haven't tried combat you're missing out.

The wild wing didn't work out well so a paper airplane made of foam is next.