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Posted by DHandson | Apr 17, 2020 @ 12:22 PM | 4,847 Views
My 13 year old son and I are going to build (and fly) a Guillows Lancer. I have read endless comments about how Guillows planes can't fly, but it seems a reasonable project for a first timer and so we are going to try it. Before building the plane, however, I have to build the work space. So bear with me while I do that. I managed to get agreement to use a corner of our laundry room and here is the starting point. The boards you see leaning against the wall are some cabinet grade plywood pieces I have leftover from my basement renovation. They will be used to create an "L" add on to the existing bench. Then I will make a building board consisting of flat MDF covered in two layers of 4 mm cork sheeting. That should give me enough depth to pin my balsa. The building board will be clamped to the table using some nylon hold downs I have from my wood working tools. Despite the pandemic I manged to get a local hobby shop to ship me kit and supplies. They were very helpful (Great Hobbies up here in Canada).

Couple days later finished the bench. Built 2x4 sub frame, ripped plywood top and screwed down. Son helped me build. I am using two nylon hold down clamps to hold the building board while we work. All that is left is to soft tack the cork to the building board.

August 2020
Had an interesting time building given that this was our first project. Tissue paper was a it tricky and not the neatest job, but hopefully will fly ok. On to balancing now and then trim...Continue Reading