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Posted by jam492 | Jan 24, 2009 @ 11:14 PM | 2,510 Views
I began my rc career back in the mid 80's with the purchase of the Gentle Lady 2m sailplane. I dont know how many times I wrecked it! I took a hiatus until the late 90's with the purchase of a Great Planes 2m Spirit glider. I installed spoilers due to my experience with the gentle lady and way over shooting the landing zone. The spoilers worked well.
I flew the spirit a few times and put it away due to lack of time because of my career and children. About 3 years ago I got back into the sport with my trusty Spirit and my skills have really improved. I've modified it according to the Charles River guidelines- raise the trailing edge of the wing up +/- 1/8" to zero out the decalage and move the CG back.

Other planes I own are: the 1.5m Filip, Daves Aircraft I26
60" slope soarer, Art Hobby JK Thermic (not complete),
Skybench OLYIIs (in progress). I also have a wingo wich I could never fly very well and it was too fragile so it sits in pieces.

I bought the Wingo in 2001 with the intention of getting into aerial photography but since I couldnt get it to fly right the photos never happened. Recently, I starting looking at the aerial photo forum and my interest was sparked again. I purchased a used nikon 3700 and a Multiplex Easystar. While waiting for the Easystar to arrive, I decided to try the nikon on the Spirit. It worked great! You can set the camera to take photos at intervals of 30 sec automatically so ther is no need for a servo shutter trigger. The Spirit flys well with the extra 5 or 6 oz added and thermals easily.