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Posted by Parkflyer81 | Mar 02, 2013 @ 06:21 AM | 2,716 Views
Its been a long time between drinks for this one. But I don't want to rush it either. With so much to do on this, it honestly feels like it's never going to get done.

Well today I managed to get a good few solid hours in to the fuse. Finally was able to square it up, and finsh the bracing. I chewed through 5x5mm stock like it was going out of fashion. It was warm enough today to have the quick dry time with PVC gule. Well it felt quick, supose doing a build, plus repairing an old balsa sloper at the same time, just made the day just whizz past.

Few weeks back I put in a few more hours capping and D boxing the port wing. looks good, but still got to build up the alerions and finish the tip, plus put in the brace supports. See, it never seems to end, and at this rate, I don't want it too either. I must say I love the build more than flying. Don't know why just do. I've taken some more pics to share, sorry about the fuzziness, seems I need to clean the lense of my camera. Enjoy, and feel free to share any tips you have. Cheers - Phill.
Posted by Parkflyer81 | Jan 09, 2013 @ 01:40 AM | 3,049 Views
Well. Its been awhile but its in motion. The Airborne Auster is back in production.

I bought the plans well over five years ago, with the intent of build in the plan that summer. But work got in the way as it does, then moved from Sydney to Brisbane. Missus got pregnant, twin boys. So three years passed, another move interstate, plus moving again, and then buying a house, I finally get to spread everything out and make a mess.

Six months ago I started making the fuse and wings. Started cutting out wing ribs like they where going out of fashion. Put a few bits together Like most of the cabin and firewall, wasn't too hard. Just wanted to take my time and make sure everything was perfect. Lots of sanding later, the little plane started to take shape. I had built up the full fuse and it just didn't quite look right. I started a series of bracing, and the snap. the whole tail section fell to pieces in my hands.

Not happy

So now six months later, I have my 3x3 shed, ready with bench and balsa, sharp knife in tow, let the building begin.

I've decided firstly to finish the main sections of the wing first. This was so I didn't break any wing ribs. So wings sanded and checked, I D boxed the Port wing and capped the ribbs. I'm hoping by the end of the week, I'll have most, if not all of it completed. Would be nice to have something completed after starting it well over a year ago.