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Posted by truestorys | Jan 21, 2008 @ 07:19 AM | 6,586 Views
My Psychic Dog

Top Secret Thermal Project reveal.

- - Part 1 - - - -

We were in Houston.

It was May 5th.

And John and I were seriously depressed.

We had just be severely kicked in the groin of the Male Ego by the guys in the Houston Hawks sailplane club. We had attended our first sailplane contest of the year with high hopes of doing real good.

We had failed.

I had only succeeded in flying my Fazer into a drainage ditch canal and shorting out all the electronics in the thing. John had flow his Soprano without ballast in 30 mile per hours winds and had knocked both tips off the thing in a horrible heart stopping wing wobbling landing.

We had never found any thermal lift the whole stupid day!

We did however have to witness the Houston guys grabbing lift and flying up and out and then nailing their time and landings. I think if there was an old saved Result list of that contest, both our names would be fighting for position on the very bottom of the last page.

In silence and depression, John and I sat stunned in his little red Mazda Speed 3 as we attempted to drive across Houston in horrible bumper to bumper Road Raging inducing, Houston traffic! We weren't speaking to each other very much as we traveled 3 miles an hour towards home, where we could sit alone and cry in our rooms.

I flipped on the radio in John's car, so I didn't have to listen to the one thousand's Johnnie Cash song that Freeman had drilled into my head on the ride over to...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Jan 21, 2008 @ 07:18 AM | 10,999 Views
Part 2. Finding the Psychic Thermal Sniffing Dog

John watched in disbelief as I dialed 411 and asked Information for Lisa the Dog psychic's phone number. He was even more stunned when I agreed to her $200 hourly on site consultation fee!

"Hell John that's only $100 each!"

"Think what we will have! Our own personally Thermal detector! We will be skying out while others sit on the ground and mumble about how bad a day it is!"

"She's agreed to meet us at the Houston Humane Society's shelter over on Dog Bone road. She says that there are lot's of good Psychic dogs there, although she's not too sure if any can detect hot rising air. She's found some that can predict future weather events, like big storms, but she's willing to communicate with all the dogs there to see if any has required skill set. She's says it might run over one hour of her time and asked if we were "good" for another $200 cash money, which she would like up front, if that was OK with us."

"I said sure John, we're good for the money. Now find us an ATM machine and we can get our cash. Then get this little red Mazda Speed 3 blasting towards Dog Bone Road!

The Houston Humane Society's place is huge!

It's a large metal warehouse type building that looks like it covers 3 square blocks. John and I were waiting inside for Lisa to show up. There were endless rows of cages where every variety of pure breed and mongrel dogs were locked up. The place...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Jan 21, 2008 @ 07:17 AM | 6,725 Views
PART 3 -- We Train the Psychic Thermal Sniffing Dog

We drove back to Austin.

We named the dog, Vario.

He sat in the back seat of John’s car and crushed a foam Easy Glider. He chewed big round holes in all three of our red padded sailplane bags. I think he urinated on a JR-9303 radio about 30 miles from John’s house. Smoke radiated from the shorted out JR-9303 and the red Mazda filled up with this thick black oozy smoke. We had to pull the car over and open all the windows and let it air out for about half an hour. To this day there is still a lingering odor of burnt electrical ozone molecules in John‘s car. I think Vario was sending us a psychic message that he wanted us to help him commit suicide.

And by the time we got back to Austin, we were ready to help him.

After the JR Radio fiasco, all John did was grumble about Vario.

“Don.... do you know that this stupid dog cost us.... $400 for Lisa!”

“Another $80 for Dog Pound Fees!”
“Probably another $50 for a Detail cleaning of my car!”
“And $25 dollars for the shovel I’m going to buy, so I can bury the stupid dog in a shallow grave in my backyard!”

“So that’s a total of 580 dollars, Don!”

“We could have just bought us one of those Picolario Variometers from Barry Kennedy for only 429 Dollars!!!

“We could have saved over 150 dollars AND saved my marriage, which is about to suffer a major setback when I tell my lovely wife Lesley, that we now have a psychic dog that will piss on all our major...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Dec 30, 2007 @ 11:43 PM | 6,360 Views
Thank God for Global Warming!!

Today in Austin on December 30 it was 70 degrees!!

What a day for flying. Light winds from the west. Thermals as large as football fields and as voracious as a loose tiger at the San Francisco Zoo!

If your plane wasn't being ripped nose skyward it was doing falling wingovers on the violent edges of the killer sadistic thermals.

The day started pretty normal with morning lift elusive or non existent.
My early times indicate that lift was scarce or my skill level was weak.

My flight times till noon were:
4:48 2:24 4:38 4.11 3.17

Then about noon the field started cooking!

Everybody's flight times became longer and higher!
We even had a vacationing Colorado guy with a wooden glider getting high and almost disappearing! I was shocked that the wooden thing even held together on winch launch. But he flew it good and high and out almost out of sight.

My JW started honking and flying from thermal to thermal in reflex. Tony's Topaz S was Hot hot hot and was skying out. Even the all red Pike Perfect of John's joined everyone near cloud base as we all flew around in a giant downwind monster thermal. We had Soprano's blasting all over the field. We had old Akela, a Eraser Xtreme, a Gentle Lady and a foaming Easy Glider sucked skyward and almost lost on the edge of 20/20 vision!

My flight times went up to: 15:51 19:52 32:33 22:11

On one of the last flights of the afternoon John was flying his Soprano in a downwind massive...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Dec 28, 2007 @ 11:17 AM | 6,309 Views
A Truestorys History Lesson ---The Stork Pro 2 V-Tail -

It’s December 15, 2007.

The wind here in Austin is blowing out of the North at 15 to 35.
Across the rest of the United States there is ice and snow in the Midwest and East Coast. Maybe you can fly on the West Coast.

But, I’m pretty sure there is probably massive Sailplane depression and boredom sweeping across the Northern Hemisphere. We’re all hunkered down in our workshops fixing last years disasters or building our new Espada-Rl’s or Pike Perfects.


I suffering from SAD’s.

SAD’s is a Seasonal Adjustment Disorder. It is a pattern of feeling depressed during the winter months. It is most commonly treated with Light Therapy. But I treat mine by drinking Gin and working on broken sailplanes.

Today, I’m fixing my Stork Pro 2 V-Tail.

But before you watch the video of “Fixing the Stork“, you may need a History Lesson on How and Why and Where the Stork Sailplane became so much a part of my life.

If you’ve read these threads before, just skip to the end of this thread and get the Video Link.

But, if you have never read the Stork Thread or seen the Finding the Stork Video, then you need to get caught up before you watch the video of me fixing the Stork.

This link begins my Stork Journey with the Build Thread

This link takes you to the “Finding the Stork” video.
You must see this before you watch me fix the Stork.

So know that you’ve had your History Lesson.....

Enjoy my "Fixing of the Stork" video. This is my Christmas present to all my Friends here on RC Groups.


Video at this link:
Posted by truestorys | Nov 27, 2007 @ 08:34 AM | 6,719 Views
The Road to TNT

We loaded up the trucks on Thursday morning and headed to Dallas.

In John’s Explorer we carried a JW, an Eraser Extreme, a Shadow, a Compulsion, 2 AVA Killer Sopranos, and a new genetic mutated clone of an Ava, called the Topaz S.

The only plane we lacked was Freeman’s week old, new, all red Pike Perfect. He was too much of a weenie to fly a new plane at TNT so he would settle for his dialed in Eraser Extreme. At home, on our local sailplane field he had the landings dialed to perfection with the Eraser. So we expected big things from John at TNT and we knew he wouldn’t let us down in Dallas.

In the bed of my Dodge pickup truck we carried a big blue shade tent, 142 lawn chairs, and 3 large Colman coolers. One cooler for Lite beer. One cooler for two small pony kegs of Heineken beer and the last cooler for frozen Vodka and Gatorade. Along side the coolers, John threw in a Honda Generator, a Mr. Coffee 10 cup machine, 16 ouches of Starbuck’s French Roast, an ice blender, a CG stand, 4 quarts of CA, an industrial size drum of Windex for cleaning wings, and a large cardboard box that was ducted taped shut with every tool from Freeman’s work bench throw hasty in to it at the last frantic packing moments at John’s house.

Anal retentive John, had left no flying related tool, radio or plane at home. He were taking no chances that we would need something at TNT and our steely eyed competitors would not lend us anything to get us flying if we broke down....Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Nov 27, 2007 @ 08:33 AM | 6,818 Views
The Bavarian Grill

After moving all HH Hobbs stuff from the janitors closet to a real room with air, we were thirsty and hungry.

More Texas flyers had shown up at the hotel and had checked into their 2nd story rooms and we all gathered on the balcony to talk over the High winds that were forecast and where the best food could be found in Dallas. Tommy and Tonto from Houston joined us and another Austin guy, Brownie arrived just in time to tell us about the Bavarian Grill.

Brownie had heard that some where near the hotel was this great place with German food and beer!

John and I were a little hesitant to go eat German food. We had offended the whole German race with last years criticism of the Stork sailplane and we were very concerned that Dieter had put us on some German Hit list and our pictures were hanging in the kitchen of every German restaurant in North America. But John and I pulled our hats down tight over our eyes and put on our flying sunglasses and agreed with everyone to chow down at the Bavarian Grill.

And we are so glad we did!

Oktoberfest was in full swing at the Bavarian Grill!

As we parked the car and walked toward the restaurant, you could begin to hear singing in a foreign language. You could hear an accordion playing and groups of people singing some kind of group song about bratwursts and beer. When we got to the entrance we saw the out door picnic tables that were full of men...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Nov 27, 2007 @ 08:31 AM | 6,946 Views
The DLG Contest

I’m writing this up about 2 weeks after the TNT. In-between the TNT and now, this old brain has had about 12 Gin and Tonics, a couple Vodka Martinis and I tried my first Jägerbomb.

So you can’t expect me to remember the TNT with 100% accuracy. I’m pretty sure I got most of it right. But, this is how I remember the TNT contest.

- - - - - - - -

The Morning pilots meeting at the South Fork Ranch came so darn early!

What sadistic contest director calls for a 8:00 am Pilots meeting for Hand Launch competition! Man after a night of drinking and singing German songs, it’s hard for a 58 year old man to wake up, grab a JR-9303, and think clearly about what he should do next. I was having a few minor brain stutters and feeling down on my self, till I saw a young stud Boy named Austin, throwing up behind his pickup truck! He was bent over throwing stuff up and between hurls he kept cussing out loud something like:

“Damn those Yeager Bombs!“

This brought a smug brightness to my day, to realize that Youths, still are having problems with alcohol, and I am so lucky I have over come all that drinking stuff with my wisdom and age. And it was kinda nice to see that Youths were drinking stuff that must be named after that legendary WW 2 flyer, Chuck Yeager.

Later after watching Austin launch his DLG, I would nickname him “Gorilla Boy.” He could throw that thing about 700 feet in the air! Imagine what he...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Nov 27, 2007 @ 08:27 AM | 6,803 Views
The Rain Man

The RES Completion.

Well… Let’s see. IN RES there were entered 3 Sopranos, 1 Topaz, a whale of a Sail Air and 147 AVAs! Based on this fact alone, Barry Kennedy should be able to send his child AND grandchild to the colleges of their choice. God, I didn’t think Eastern Europe could produce so much carbon fiber and Fiberglass to build all the Ava’s that must be flying around North America. And Gees…. 10% of all the Ava’s turn up at TNT!.

What kind of chance did our 3 little Soprano’s stand against a squadron of Ava’s?

Not much.

And too top that off, the Rain Man came to TNT and flew a barrowed Ava to First place in the RES competition!

You’ve seen that Movie the Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise? The one where Tom meets his brother and it turns out his brother can recite word for word every book he’s ever read. And the Rain Man has a photo graphic memory and can conger numbers and predict future events with statistical logic and quantum theorems.

Well on the way up to TNT, John and I were plotting wining theories over our cell phones as we drove in separate cars to Dallas. We were babbling on about thermal lift and what the optimal wing platform cord really was when Freeman said:

“You know the Rain Man’s going to be at TNT this year?”

I gulped back: “The Rain Man? The Tom Cruise Rain Man?”

John laughed and said no, not the Tom Cruise type Rain Man!

“But a guy named Jim Frickey is coming.”

“He’s…. He’s like the Rain...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Nov 27, 2007 @ 08:21 AM | 6,883 Views
Open Class Carnage

Saturday and Sunday were wicked.

South winds howled at 15 to 25 with the occasional gust to 30 thrown
in just to remind you why you paid $400 for a 24 inch bar of tungsten
for ballast. Everyone was loading up their ballast tubes with some
kind of priceless metal bar or old lead fishing weights.
I saw the Rain Man stuff a 36 ounce bar of a white, bluish gray
metal into his Pike Prefect. I made the mistake of asking him what
the metal was and I got a 15 minute lecture on Osmium.

In his Rain Man staccato voice he said:

"Osmium metal is a hard metallic element which has the greatest
density of all known elements. It is twice as heavy as lead, and has a
specific gravity of 22.59. The specific gravity of lead is 11.35; gold
is 19.32; and platinum is 21.45. Osmium has an atomic weight of 190.2
and its atomic number is 76."

"I am a very good Sailplane Pilot when I fly with Osmium!"

Thank God Barry Kennedy called a pilots meeting in the middle of my
Osmium lecture, so I could wonder off and escape the Rain Man’s sermon.

Barry Kennedy was the sadistic CD for Open Class and I think over
night he had moved the landing tapes 50 foot closer to the tree line
that bordered the whole North side of the field. So for landing
points you had to fly downwind in gusting tailwinds. Then turn 180
degrees over raging rotor filled 30 foot trees that seduced you into
trying to ridge soar them for additional time. Those...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Aug 14, 2007 @ 12:06 AM | 6,915 Views
Oh the JW can ROCK in reflex Man!!

It seems that my excessive speed from about 2000 feet caused nervous heads to turn and twitch at the sailplane filed Sunday.

But heck, I was only being a Thermal Bully!

I can’t help it. The JW has made me one. I may have to go to Thermal Bullying counseling sessions if I don‘t stop tormenting the other sailplane pilots at the field.

My Thermaling skills have jumped 300% with the Onyx JW. The thing just turns so…so…so sweet. And I can work those low level 50 foot thermals now. I got full confidence in the way the JW turns and I can now carve and carve and swing and work those little low level sweet bubbles of warm air as they form up and join up and make those killer thermals we all love!

The JW flies like, like….. Well it flies Supra like! Well, I mean it “Turns” Supra like, but not as crisp and light and DLG like as the Supra. I’ve always personally thought the Supra was just a DLG on a Drela Steroid.

But the JW can carve a sweet mean low level turn. And she can core the thing and……and keep the core and make it her own and rule the sky!!! AND create a Thermal Bully in the process!

Yes, I’m now that guy that’s always higher than you.

I’m now that guy that gets high and flies around in reflex all the time. I’m the guy that as you are trying to stay alive and work that thermal and stay centered in it, I’m that guy that comes blazing across the sky with tons of air speed and enters your thermal and makes...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Jun 11, 2007 @ 12:35 AM | 7,516 Views
Holy Lapse Rate Batman!

What a weekend I’ve had!

The Austin club had a Fun Fly In.

The AVA killers were out in Force.

We tried out the super secret Larry J. web cam with the Thermal seeking headphones.

I became a Thermal Bully.

AND I got to maiden and fly my new JW Onyx!

It’s just don’t get much better than that!!!

Where do I start? Maybe late Friday night with a crabby irritated John Freeman programming my 9303 radio. God he worked so hard to get the JW radio program ready for a test toss on Saturday. We fought and fought the Mixes on the radio till John got them right. We ran out of time when it came to mixing in flaps with ailerons on the turns and on the first day I flew the JW with only ailerons for turning.

So Friday night became Saturday morning and a bunch of Sailplane pilots showed up at the Austin field for a little fun on fun fly in. There were people from Houston and San Antonio and a bunch from Austin. There was this one Ava guy from San Antonio that set up his tent about 200 feet away from the core group and tried to sneak his 39 ounce Ava out of his SUV without us seeing it. But he couldn’t hide it from the Ava Killers forever, and we soon found out it was at the field when he pulled off the first 3 minute task and demonstrated a great, great landing.

But John Freeman and his Soprano were dying for an Ava Kill sticker for the nose of his plane. John’s first flight also nailed the 3 minute time and he too got landing points.

...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | May 07, 2007 @ 01:58 AM | 7,739 Views
TRUESTORYS Prophecy Fulfilled! AVA vs. Soprano - Smack down

The trouble with Prophecies is that they predict what the future will hold, but sometimes the fine details of the prophecy are not reveled till the future time, becomes the present time.

I recently Prophesied this in a past RC Group Post:

“Next week we take our Soprano Gaggle to Houston for a Club Fly-In meet.
I'm sure when we leave, the guys flying Ava's will be crying in their cars
alone and destroyed!!”

And how True this prophecy was fulfilled!

I just didn’t’ know it would be me, sitting in my car crying alone and destroyed!


The day of the contest was really windy.

And the day before the contest day, the sailplane site got 3 inches of rain. This left the field a muddy oozing mess. The field probably looked like a nice sod farm with green smooth growing grass. Now however it looked like a flooded rice field with 2 inches of last nights rain still standing on the field. On two high spots the Houston club had perched their winches and retrievers.

The field was about a half a mile square, surround by 30 foot tree lines on all sides. And on the downwind side of the square field there was a drainage canal 10 foot wide and 5 feet deep that separated two competing Sod Farm business’s. Our contest director Allen “I love my Sport” Jones warned us at the pilots meeting that landing outside the tree lines or in...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Apr 17, 2007 @ 11:19 PM | 7,756 Views

The Above Link takes you to a Video of John, Shawn and Don finding the Stork 2 Pro.

I was flying in a Killer Thermal at about 2000 feet, I did a banked 45 degree thermaling turn and the Stork just disappeared!

We never saw the Stork again, in the air. We looked for hours in trees and brush, but then as we were leaving the field, we decided to drive in the opposite direction of where we thought the Stork went down.

We found the Stork!

This video is humor. My reference to the German people is for humor only. I have nothing against Germans. The stork is a German sailplane. I can't blame myself for my lack of flying skills, so it's best to blame someone else.

Usually it's John Freeman that I blame for all my crashes.

Today it was German engineering.

Posted by truestorys | Feb 25, 2007 @ 10:33 AM | 8,725 Views
Yesterday I put my name on the “List” at Soaring Bob's for an ONYX JW!

April will be sweet, sweet, sweet at the TRUE house!

I jumped on this plane for the following reasons:

I've only been doing this RC flying thing for a year now, but every sailplane pilot I’ve every talked too always raved about the ICON.

ICON this, ICON that, god it makes you almost want to sit in your car alone and turn up the volume on a Heavy Metal album when the Winch Dogs start blabbing on about the ICON. They talk about it like it was their first girl friend in the 7th grade!

The only other plane that gets that kind of Sail Park flying respect smack talk is the Supra. It must be some kind of miracle plane designed by a guy with 7 Doctored degrees from MIT and Stanford! Yikes the Sailplane dogs can’t drool and talk enough about the Supra. I think the Supra can launch it's self, core thermals, fly inverted through sink and has X-ray vision.

And then there's this living ledged of a Guy, that I've never seen and probably really doesn't exist, except the minds of Sailplane pilots when at the end of a great Thermalistic day, they sit around under their Shade tents, drink beer and remember the day the mystical JW either soared a fart the size of a popcorn kernel or he called his mother on his cell phone in his right hand, called his realtor agent with a cell phone in his left hand, while he DSed his Gentle Lady sailplane at Parker Mountain barefooted standing on prickly pear cacti.

So you take the ICON center panel, put some Supra tips on the Sucker and have a living legend sprinkle JW Pixie dust all over it. AND then have that bastard, Soaring BOB, put up this gorgeous picture of a ONYX JW up on this website and WHAM!

The ONYX JW not only thermals but can SUCK Master Card numbers out of the wallets of people in Texas that had no intentions of buying a new sailplane!

So come on April! Bring me my Red and Yellow ONYX JW!

Posted by truestorys | Jan 14, 2007 @ 12:16 PM | 7,395 Views
When I was driving home for Christmas, I heard this haunting beautiful song on the radio.

I just knew that I had to put this song to a flying video.

So, I took photos from the “Best Of Slope Photos 2006” thread here on RC groups and put this song to them.

If anyone wants their photo removed from the video please send me a PM and I will remove your photo.

Link to Video


Posted by truestorys | Dec 17, 2006 @ 12:18 AM | 7,468 Views
God, we hadn't flown in like, four weeks. John and I needed a Fazer Flying Fix so Bad! We hadn’t had any FFF since before Thanksgiving.

So this morning at 8:30, despite the weatherman calling for 15-25 mph winds, we rushed to the field. We were determined to fly before the winds got cranking. We figured we could fly till maybe 10 am till the winds picked up and shut us down. We didn’t have the club winch so we staked down John’s big black bungee, the Hose Monster.

We rushed around and threw our Red and Yellow Fazers together. As I put mine together I remarked to John that I had Deck-O-Lodged my tail surface and wasn’t’ quit sure how my Fazer would fly. John said we’d do a couple of hand tosses and work out all the kinks.

But before we threw my Fazer up, we needed to get the Hee-B-Gee-Bees out. We needed to at least see a sailplane in the air. Do some three sixty turns and get our fly juices flowing again. We find that we don’t settle down and act normal at the field till at least one of us has had a flight that kinda clears our head and makes us stop rushing around and acting like hungry rabid squirrels looking for nuts.

So we pulled back the Hose Monster and stretched the sucker the whole length of the field. I could barely hold John’s Fazer back with my throwing arm as the bungee tried to pull the thing out of my grasp.

The wind was only blowing about 10 with knurly gust to 15. John kept saying wait, wait for a lull and the Hose Monster kept straining...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Nov 19, 2006 @ 10:56 PM | 7,929 Views
What a Day at the Field!

Fall flying has just got to be the best! Temps in the 70-D’s. Light winds. Killer Thermals. Good Friends, sitting in lawn chairs under the blue shade tent, sharing Zanteeba Lou’s, wife’s homemade sandwiches with honey baked turkey, a hint of mustard, and big red juicey tomato’s fresh from the garden!

It don’t get much better than that, except getting 6 sailplanes up on one winch and keeping them all in the air at the same time! Yikes there was Up everywhere! It seemed that the south end of the field today was cooking with Gas! Thermal Gas!

Everyone of us got off a good launch and then turned downwind to join the bubbling Up air that was happening over the brown plowed field. There seemed to be a big pocket of rising air just constantly lifting off this field for probably a good hour. There appeared to be a layer of air at the 1000 foot mark, that was just constant maintain this level air. If you flew around and searched, you could find a core that took you up higher, but once your tail wagged and you circled twice, you’d be joined by your parasite thermal brothers and a 6 plane gaggle of giddy sailplane pilots would be blasting skyward.

With 6 planes in the air, all battling for the core of this big lift, we all hoped we didn’t lose sight of our own plane and start flying somebody else’s. John and my Fazer’s are the exact same yellow and red colors and I just hoped John would get confused. After battling each other for a good half...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Nov 10, 2006 @ 11:30 PM | 7,666 Views
God my heart is still beating hard in the my chest. I’m still high on the adrenalin charge that I just got flying the Gabby about an hour ago.

Since John Freeman is in Asia looking for a new supplier of chickens for KFC, I guess he assigned a buddy of his named Brad, to look after me and make sure I didn’t crash the Gabby. Well, John… Brad has filled your shoes real well.

Today was looking real good cause I had the day off. I only had to help my wife buy 2 tons of Arizona slab sandstone and placed in the back yard and then I’d be free to fly the Gabby. Tomorrow Saturday looked real bad for flying. A cold front was coming through Friday night with high winds of 20 to 25 miles an hour . These high winds would howl all night and then again all day Saturday. This would blow out any chance for Gabby flying Saturday. So if I was to get some good Gabby flying in, it had to be today.

Brad and I had been trying to hookup after work and fly at the high school near our house. Brad has a cool electric plane call ed the Mini Katana. I had never seen it fly and was looking forward to seeing Brad do loops and rolls. He had never seen the Gabby and was anxious to see it fly.

I spent most of the morning and some of the afternoon moving rocks from my pickup truck in the front yard to the backyard where my wife would grunt and point out where she wanted the rocks placed. God, I didn’t know that there was a “right” side of a rock and it had to be placed a t a precise angle or...Continue Reading
Posted by truestorys | Oct 20, 2006 @ 09:33 PM | 8,176 Views
Some Yahoo on this forum convince me to move my perfectly good servo's to the rear of my Gabby Sailplane. This was to help with battery placement and CG. Why would you ever listen to anything you see or read here?

Taking out the servos proved to be no big deal. I had to cut some of the wood out because I got a little careless with my epoxy.

Now where to put the servos is another problem. When you move then back, you can no longer use those cool little screw down on the wire type things, you must go to Z-bends. These just is no vertical height. So I said OK. I'll use Z-bends.

When if I place my Servos in the rear, then my WING WIRES and connectors will be right on top of the servo's.

So after 45 minutes of thinking, I decided the solution is too drink beer and forget about it all. It's Friday night. I cut out perfectly good servos on a perfectly good V-tail and it all went down hill after that.

So I'm having a few beers and cooling off.

When you sit drink in the garage alone, you have to become very creative too scare off thoughts of becoming an alcoholic because you can't build sailplanes. So I invented a game, I'll call Gabby basketball.

You set a Bud Lite 18 pack of beer across the garage floor from your work bench.

You take out 1 beer.

You drink it.

Then you grab your never to be completed Gabby fuselage and throw it javelin style across the room and try and get it in the Bud Lite box.

If you make it in, you get 2 points.

If you miss, you must remove another beer, drink it and repeat the process all over again till you get 10 points!

I found out, that the more beer you drink, the more room there is for the Gabby fuse to hit and stay in the Bud Lite box.

Here is a photo of my wining goal!

10 points and 12 beers later!!!