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Posted by Conehead | Oct 31, 2012 @ 04:53 PM | 8,811 Views
My bride of many years, who is a very creative sewer, made me a banner for going to RC Events. While no one makes them, she ordered fabric, designed this banner and with the gracious help from Jack Frost, who make me 5 Flutter-Bys to fly.

This banner is a bit different from the original design, but it turned out really neat in my mind. Of course that is all that counts.

So with your indulgance, you all will be getting a sneak peek at it, since it will debut at the JR Indoor event this coming weekend.
Thanks for reading.

Orrin Eldred

Many thanks to Susan Eldred, my bride of almost 40 years and is a quilter, photographer, dog trainer, great cook, water skier and much smarter than I.

Many, many Thanks to Jack Frost who designed the Flutter-By and has made me 5 of his creations. You are the Best Jack.
Posted by Conehead | Oct 21, 2012 @ 11:06 AM | 6,256 Views
The JR Indoor event is coming up. I have registered, made reservations for a place to sleep and I plan on leaving early so that I can get there early to help set up on Thursday. The whole event begins Friday Morning and runs to Sunday afternoon.

We build a lake to float fly from, called Spectrum Lake and it gets used a lot.

Foam and Tape, a young man who has created many neat designs, airplanes, an aircraft carrier that moves on the water and one of my favorite creations was a 4 motor aircraft carrier that flies and has a heli port on the underside, to which one person landed a small heli on it. What he brings this year will be something to see.

Foam and Tape has a brother and another friend, I don't know their names, all three kids, well young men, create lots of creative airframes.

I plan to shoot many pictures and post them both here and on the JR Indoor thread. I hope to get some names of the people I take pictures of.

There will be pylon racing, Mini Trojans this year and that is also a fun time. I can't pylon race for a darn, but it is great fun.

Combat will be an event. Each year there are many different airframes in combat.

I am sure it will be a fun time.
Orrin Eldred
Posted by Conehead | Aug 26, 2012 @ 10:13 PM | 6,274 Views
I arrived at Thompsonville Airport pretty early on Saturday morning, about 8:15 AM or so and there were a number of trailers already there, setting up Easy-ups and putting their planes together.

We had a treat, the new VP for our area VII was there. Tim Jesky. He got in a flight and was around all day to answer questions about the AMA and what is happening with model airplanes and the Govt. It is nice to see the VP's out among the smaller clubs in the district. Not that the other VP didn't do that, but this was pretty special. I figured out that Tim is Andrew's father, "The Animal" Jesky and I got a chance to tell Andrew's father how nice his son is to new people in the sport. I met Andrew's Mom a few years ago at the ETOC, but never met Andrew's father. Tim said, Andrew didn't get his flying skills from him.

I parked and started shooting some pictures. This is the late summer air show and the other air show in the spring was bigger. I think the fact that school had started for some people, the weather, Coho Festival and last of all the heat held some of the attendance down. Temps got to about 92 degrees with a light wind from the Southeast early on, then switched to the Southwest about noon time. We had about an 8-10 mph wind early, later it grew to 12-15 mph and without the wind, the temps would have been unbearable.

I got a short flight in before the formal start of the air show. Others did the same. We had a number of jets there. Boomerangs, a F-4...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Aug 22, 2012 @ 08:38 PM | 6,097 Views
This weekend is the BARC's late summer air show. We fly at Thompsonville Airport and there will be a number of turbines, some large Extras, a couple of Sukhois, and lots of other aircraft.

I plan to take my camera, get some pictures and will post them here on Sunday night if I am not too tired. The air show is on Saturday, the club raises money for the Thompsonville Airport, since the village of Thompsonville doesn't do much to help with the finances for the airport, so our twice yearly air shows raises money for them.

We do a 50/50 raffle, the airport people do the food and get all the money from that. The club shares the proceeds of the 50/50 raffle with the airport authority.

We do two raffles, one in the morning, one in the afternoon.
Orrin Eldred
Posted by Conehead | Aug 22, 2012 @ 08:30 PM | 6,106 Views
I was at my property yesterday, cutting up some trees and stuff to build a fire. I got the fire going and as it burned down, I didn't want to leave it until is was way down. I got out my Mini Trojan and decided to fly. I got a battery out, got the right transmitter and found the correct model.

I put the battery on it, tossed it into the air, into the ground it went. I must have put the battery too far foreward. After a couple of tosses, I moved it back, and it flew, but not great. So after another dink, I decided to put it away. I think the fuse is way too far gone to fix, it is the bottom portion. I won this one at the JR Indoor.

I took the battery off and laid it on the bumper of my Envoy. I put everything away, by then the fire was down, so I got in the car and went home. When I got home, I unloaded my car, there was the battery. I drove 14 miles home or there about, the battery was still in the same place where I put it. I went up hill, down hill, all around the town, well sort of. I am up north in MI and most of the roads are smooth, but a few places, it is sort of rough. Not rough enough to move the battery onto the ground. It was 1S, 130 Mah.

I went to fly my Champ, but when I looked at the other box, it was the Mig-15 micro which has not been flown and I think I need a bit more room than what I have in my area at my property. I think need to take another tree down. That will give me a bit more room to fly. I got about 150 feet by about 75 feet. Of course there are some trees on the far side I have to look out for, but flying there gives me lots of good practice to fly at the JR Indoor.
Posted by Conehead | Jun 13, 2010 @ 09:42 PM | 12,363 Views
I saw this plane in Toledo a while back. I sort of wanted one, but just couldn't decide to get one. After getting the Super Cub, rebuilding the Seawind, I thought a low wing float plane would be great to have. At least I would have some different float planes to fly.

I checked the Waterplanes Forum and found a thread on the Wilga 2000. There was a review and from what I could gather the servos were not the best. The plane flew fine, just fellows lost their planes because of the servos. I checked with Ross who used to carry them, he doesn't have any and he gave me the place to order it from. Sapac and I got one.

Well the directions are a tad sketchy at best, there is a Chinese to English translation, but as we all know, that is a rather interesting read to say the least. This plane is called TL-2000 String, who knows why, it is based on the full scale Australian Sting. I did see a large scale model of that somewhere in my web surfing.

The plane goes together pretty easy. the glue they give you, well mine the tube had leaked all out, so I had to find something that would work on the foam. I ended up using Gorilla Glue, the foaming stuff, which is OK, but I never did do a good job of gluing anything well. I always use too much, no matter how skimpy I try to be. I got the stabilizer installed, then I worked on the wings. I glued one wing, then the other. I put an AR-6100 Receiver in it and set it up with flaperons.
I got the cowl installed, bound the receiver and...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Jun 13, 2010 @ 07:14 AM | 12,087 Views
About 3 years ago I was at the JR Indoor Festival and we built a lake to land and take off from. I didn't have a float plane that I could fly indoors and I watched Frank Noll fly the Electric Seawind there. Now I was amazed at the plane, I wanted one, but was not sure I could handle it. I waited and thought about getting one for a long time. Then a fellow came to our flying field with an electric Seawind and he wanted it test flown. One of our members took it off the grass, flew it around a while and we played pass the transmitter around for a while. I got a chance to fly it and I felt that I could fly it so in one of my weak moments, I ordered it from Tower.

My Seawind came, I spent about a week reading the thread on the Seawind on the Waterplanes section on RC Groups. I knew all the problems and with the help from the fellows there, I got my Seawind all assembled and I got ready to test fly it.

Well it was winter time, late February or early March and I walked out on the lake and my bride came out to take pictures of me taxing it on the snow. That was the year we got a record snowfall here in Northern Michigan. I think we got close to 13 feet total, other parts got as much as 16 feet total from November to May. Yes we did have snow fall on the first of May. It was a long, cold, snow filled winter. Seemed everyday I was blowing snow. So I walked out on the lake, set the Seawind down, checked the throws and I was sure I could taxi it and I would then go back in the...Continue Reading

Super Cub

Posted by Conehead | Jun 13, 2010 @ 12:44 AM | 13,898 Views
I haven't added to my blog in a while and I thought that I would try to outline why I went to the Super Cub with floats.
I have a DX-7 and have watched a few people fly the Super Cub at different flying fields I fly at. One night a young man and his father showed up with two Super Cubs. Now the dad was not a great flier or he was just learning how to handle the Super Cub. the young man was flying the wings off of it. Dad put his Cub in the ground a couple of times, the son flew and flew and then put his Cub in the ground and broke or damaged the wing. The young man went to the car, took the damaged wing off and put the new wing on and flew like mad. The Super cub looked great, but at the time it was on 27 MHz and I didn't want one like that. Too little range, too many problems with where I fly.

At E-Fest there were many 4-Sites for sale, I almost bought one, but I thought, I live on a lake and I love to float fly and a Super Cub on floats would be great. So I waited and then came the review here on RC Groups by Andy. I read it, watched the videos and said, this is the plane for me. I can put a battery in and go to the dock and off I will go. So I bought one and the floats. I got it and Andy suggested I fly it on land first, so I headed to the full scale airport where we fly all the time. There was some snow, just the last bits of what we had all winter. I put the Cub down, checked the throws and hit the throttle. Off it went on the snow and I was airborne and I took off...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Apr 20, 2010 @ 02:21 AM | 11,420 Views
I found more images in my files. The camera reset to some odd date, so they were not with all the other ones.
Orrin Eldred

I goofed, it is Troy not Greg. It was very late when I did this....Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Apr 20, 2010 @ 01:14 AM | 11,431 Views
For some strange reason I lost the first 6 pictures on the other part of the Toledo thread. So I will add those and more.
Orrin...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Apr 18, 2010 @ 12:07 AM | 11,276 Views
Each year since I got into the hobby, I have gone to Toledo to the Weak Signals show. The first year I went it was very crowded and lots of vendors.
This year was different in many ways. Less vendors, fewer people and a few less models on display that were there for show in the main isle.

I have wondered about the less participation in the show and have come to a couple of conclusions. One is that all the companies now market their products on or via the net. Anything that your local hobby store would have, can be ordered on line, delivered to your door, shipping in some cases is free, or very inexpensive, less than a few gallons of gas to run to your local hobby shop. Companies also put a lot of money in print media in years past and do so today, yet we see fewer catalogs from the major companies and with the economy the way it is, more people are spending their money a bit more wisely. So since products are now being marketed via the net, orders can be done the same way and since many companies don't collect state sales tax if you are out of that state, you get a break on that portion of your order. I find it costs a bunch to do a show. You have motel rooms for all the people who come, you have to transport products and display stuff, you have the cost of the booth and all this is not cheap. So companies have to make some cuts here and there. It is not cheap to do a show, no matter where it is. If this were held in Champain-Urbana it would still be an expensive event....Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Jun 29, 2009 @ 08:37 PM | 12,638 Views
Each year the Traverse Area Model Pilots have a model airplane show at Empire Airport. Since Barcs fly there a lot, many of the Barcs members helped Tramps set up for the weekend. I understand some mowing was done by Barcs and few other chores.(Benzie Area Radio Controlers = Barcs)
Some people arrive on Friday afternoon and set up and get a few flights in before Saturday morning and then go off to find a local place to eat and some even camp at the site, ensuring the safety of all airplanes at the site.
I took my trailer up and got my place so that I would have a place to assemble my plane the next day.

I arrived early on Saturday morning, there were a number of people already set up and models being unloaded and assembled. There were a number of pilots from out of town. Lansing, Chelsea, Cadillac area and others. Kalkaska Gaylord and other areas. Many pilots and more planes than you could imagine.

This year was especially good because we had many different planes. We had fellows from the Lift Society, or League of Silent Flight with their wench and sailplanes. Wow, they are something else. Peter was there and did some demos of sailplane flying.

We had helies, jets, multiengine and foamies, electrics and regular gas planes, gas planes and war birds and just about everything you could think of.

There were many people there. We had Cubs, B-17's B-25's a C-130 in Coast Guard colors, a Stearman, P-47, a F-104 and a Phantom along with some low wings, high wing...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Jun 01, 2009 @ 05:57 PM | 11,502 Views
We had a flying field on private property and about 3 maybe 4 years ago we had one of our lawn tractors stolen. Somehow they got into our shed and got the one tractor out and so we were down one lawn tractor. Then we lost our field. The fellow who owned the property got an offer he couldn't refuse and so we have to still find a place to fly. We fly at two full scale airports presently. Empire Michigan (KY87) and Thompsonville Michigan (K7Y2). Both have some full scale traffic, but where we are, there is very little traffic. We do have a radio that we listen in for incoming full scale planes, we land our RC planes and then everything is fine. I donated an old John Deere lawn tractor that I had. I rebuilt the mower deck when I got it and since it was not running great, I said, here, you will need to see what is wrong with this tractor, there was very little wrong with it, but one fellow took it apart, went over it, replaced a number of parts and fixed the mower deck and now the tractor looks as good as new. We use this tractor at the Thompsonville Airport to cut part of the grass runway we fly off of. At one of the meetings last year, the fellows of the club decided that I should have Fred's plane. Fred was done with it and he didn't want it any more. Why, only Fred knows.

This Bluehawk was built by Fred Stafford, he got the kit from another fellow in the club, I don't know if he was given the kit or they traded something for it. Fred built this plane as a test bed for his...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Apr 09, 2009 @ 06:51 PM | 11,833 Views
The Flutter-By is built by Jack Frost in Muncie Indiana. I own 4 of his planes. What I like about them is that they are easy to fly, can be flown both indoors and outdoors, even in some wind and I have both large Flutter-Bys and two small Flutter-Bys. They are unique planes and are made out of carbon fiber, rip-stop nylon. They are electric powered, and are just fun to fly.

Jack said he will build me a new plane, a canard Flutter-By which is his design.

The mini Green Flutter-By is hiding. I will get a picture of all 4 of them in the next few days. The grass here is very brown still, our April showers will be here soon and everything will green up soon.

Thanks for looking at one of my favorite airplanes. Easy to fly and in the evening at dusk, with lights, they are a real joy to fly.

Thanks for looking.
Orrin Eldred
Platte Lake
Honor, MI....Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Apr 08, 2009 @ 11:41 PM | 12,148 Views
I have been to Toledo for the last few years. Each year I have marveled at the models on display on the tables for judging. I shot pictures one year, they were terrible, so for a couple of years I didn't take any. This year I took some pictures, mostly of the models that were what I call "old timers" that I really enjoyed.
Most of them are below. I hope all of you enjoy them. These are just one person's view of what was displayed.

I wandered around looking at displays and I got a few things. Wheels for an airplane, some shrink tubing, checked models that were on sale, but I want to wait to see what else is coming out. I got glue, a motor, looked at many planes, had a great time at Skip Miller Models, wow what technology there is in sailplanes. They are way too fast for me. I would lose one in a hurry.

Best part about Toledo is seeing the factory reps and asking questions about why, what is the next model coming out, or finding out about new stuff that is in the works. Mostly that is hush hush, since no one wants to leak information to the competition. At Horizon I got a chance to talk to John Redman, mostly about the Pulse XT 25e and asked about what was in the pipeline for the future. He said, a warbird, then was really specific. Said it would have a wing, fuse, stab, rudder, maybe flaps, and most likely will be about the 25 e size. So who knows what it will be. John also talked about what he is working on, well sort of. He said he is working on 14 models...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Aug 21, 2008 @ 10:40 PM | 12,412 Views
As I have stated our club flies at two different Full Scale airports. So we have to be aware of full scale planes when they come in for landing. We have our own radio to monitor the airport frequency.

Tonight we met at the airport that is in the South part of our county here in Northern Michigan.

Fred Stafford called this afternoon and said we were flying at Thompsonville Airport. Bob Ballmer also called wanting to know if I had a fuel tank. Since I have a number of them, all from Nexstars that have since passed on, so I figured I could spare one or two for his plane. I also think someone sent an email out, but as of now, I just don't remember.

We did have a full scale land at Thompsonville. It was a Cherokee that came in from West to East and landed. The plane is hangered down among the three hangers to the west of the terminal.

I got to Thompsonville Airport about 5:30 or so and there were a number of cars there. Gene Johnson was in the air with his Big Stick. I could see he flying around as I drove in. I waited for him to land. He touched down fine and I crossed over to the parking area.

After I parked I got out my windsock and chair. Then planes and the channel checker. Claude got his plane running and off he went. Claude did a number of touch and goes. Bob finally got his plane running and off he went. Still had a problem with the fuel line, so he landed, took off the fuel filter and it seems the plane is now running fine. Needs a bigger fuel line.

...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Aug 18, 2008 @ 12:01 AM | 12,293 Views
I am a member of Benzie Area Radio Controlers, BARC's for short and we are located in Northern Michigan, just West and somewhat South of Traverse City Michigan. We fly at two full scale airports, Empire Airport, located just East of Empire Michigan and Thompsonville Airport, in Thompsonville Michigan just a bit east of Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. We lost our flying field two years ago and are in the process of trying to get the State of Michigan to let us use the old county dump, a process which is rather long and involved. Both full scale airports have been designated as places where model airplanes can be flown and we have radios that we monitor the airport frequencies with so we know when full scale planes are approaching.

One of our members had been in Cleveland Ohio for almost a week and returned home late Thursday night and wanted to fly on Friday morning. Claude called and so Fred and I headed to the airport. Claude had checked the wind, it was just right, by the time Fred and I got there, the wind was way too windy to fly. We waited for it to lay down, didn't happen.
We got a call on our radio, we keep a radio so that we know when full scale are coming in and we had a Comanche inbound. He landed and put his plane in the hanger, then a couple came out to us and said we would have a few pilots coming in. Since we couldn't fly, way too much wind for our models, we were happy to see some full scale planes. Well we had a Cesnna 172 land and then we saw them. 6...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Jul 25, 2008 @ 10:44 AM | 12,307 Views
Here are a few more pictures of my float plane, the one that Fred Stafford built. Joe Birdi design.