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Posted by Conehead | Dec 25, 2012 @ 08:36 PM | 11,329 Views
When I went to the JR Indoor, Thayer was there. He had a very nice float plane for indoor flying and I am sure it could be a good outdoor plane also, but it will require calm wind. Really little to no wind would be great.

I flew it around a few times and the Sea Monkey is an easy flier.

So I got a kit from Thayer and have been building it. I got most of it assembled now. I plan to put some strip lights on it and then it will ready to go.

I am enclosing some photos of it. It is a rather simple kit, at least it seems like it is simple.

I always liked checker board paint schemes, so I thought I would try one. I wrote to Azarr and asked him, he said he uses tape, although you could cut a mask. I said, I wanted to do it the easy way, didn't think I could cut a mask worth a darn.

I have never airbrushed anything, but I bought one this summer, I got it all hooked up and the Elevator and one side of the rudder, the paint ran under the tape. I thinned the paint too much. It will be fine from 50 feet away. The other side of the rudder, I used the paint straight, no thinning. It worked very good.

I then painted the left wing tip red. That paint was just right. It came out pretty nice for a first timer using an airbrush. The right wing tip, the green was a bit thinner and it ran some, not as much as the blue did.

So I am learning to airbrush, maybe after a hundred gallons of paint I will get a lot better. Right now, I suck at airbrushing. Now that I see what the...Continue Reading