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Posted by Conehead | Oct 31, 2012 @ 04:53 PM | 8,832 Views
My bride of many years, who is a very creative sewer, made me a banner for going to RC Events. While no one makes them, she ordered fabric, designed this banner and with the gracious help from Jack Frost, who make me 5 Flutter-Bys to fly.

This banner is a bit different from the original design, but it turned out really neat in my mind. Of course that is all that counts.

So with your indulgance, you all will be getting a sneak peek at it, since it will debut at the JR Indoor event this coming weekend.
Thanks for reading.

Orrin Eldred

Many thanks to Susan Eldred, my bride of almost 40 years and is a quilter, photographer, dog trainer, great cook, water skier and much smarter than I.

Many, many Thanks to Jack Frost who designed the Flutter-By and has made me 5 of his creations. You are the Best Jack.
Posted by Conehead | Oct 21, 2012 @ 11:06 AM | 6,268 Views
The JR Indoor event is coming up. I have registered, made reservations for a place to sleep and I plan on leaving early so that I can get there early to help set up on Thursday. The whole event begins Friday Morning and runs to Sunday afternoon.

We build a lake to float fly from, called Spectrum Lake and it gets used a lot.

Foam and Tape, a young man who has created many neat designs, airplanes, an aircraft carrier that moves on the water and one of my favorite creations was a 4 motor aircraft carrier that flies and has a heli port on the underside, to which one person landed a small heli on it. What he brings this year will be something to see.

Foam and Tape has a brother and another friend, I don't know their names, all three kids, well young men, create lots of creative airframes.

I plan to shoot many pictures and post them both here and on the JR Indoor thread. I hope to get some names of the people I take pictures of.

There will be pylon racing, Mini Trojans this year and that is also a fun time. I can't pylon race for a darn, but it is great fun.

Combat will be an event. Each year there are many different airframes in combat.

I am sure it will be a fun time.
Orrin Eldred