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Posted by Conehead | Jun 13, 2010 @ 09:42 PM | 12,385 Views
I saw this plane in Toledo a while back. I sort of wanted one, but just couldn't decide to get one. After getting the Super Cub, rebuilding the Seawind, I thought a low wing float plane would be great to have. At least I would have some different float planes to fly.

I checked the Waterplanes Forum and found a thread on the Wilga 2000. There was a review and from what I could gather the servos were not the best. The plane flew fine, just fellows lost their planes because of the servos. I checked with Ross who used to carry them, he doesn't have any and he gave me the place to order it from. Sapac and I got one.

Well the directions are a tad sketchy at best, there is a Chinese to English translation, but as we all know, that is a rather interesting read to say the least. This plane is called TL-2000 String, who knows why, it is based on the full scale Australian Sting. I did see a large scale model of that somewhere in my web surfing.

The plane goes together pretty easy. the glue they give you, well mine the tube had leaked all out, so I had to find something that would work on the foam. I ended up using Gorilla Glue, the foaming stuff, which is OK, but I never did do a good job of gluing anything well. I always use too much, no matter how skimpy I try to be. I got the stabilizer installed, then I worked on the wings. I glued one wing, then the other. I put an AR-6100 Receiver in it and set it up with flaperons.
I got the cowl installed, bound the receiver and...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Jun 13, 2010 @ 07:14 AM | 12,098 Views
About 3 years ago I was at the JR Indoor Festival and we built a lake to land and take off from. I didn't have a float plane that I could fly indoors and I watched Frank Noll fly the Electric Seawind there. Now I was amazed at the plane, I wanted one, but was not sure I could handle it. I waited and thought about getting one for a long time. Then a fellow came to our flying field with an electric Seawind and he wanted it test flown. One of our members took it off the grass, flew it around a while and we played pass the transmitter around for a while. I got a chance to fly it and I felt that I could fly it so in one of my weak moments, I ordered it from Tower.

My Seawind came, I spent about a week reading the thread on the Seawind on the Waterplanes section on RC Groups. I knew all the problems and with the help from the fellows there, I got my Seawind all assembled and I got ready to test fly it.

Well it was winter time, late February or early March and I walked out on the lake and my bride came out to take pictures of me taxing it on the snow. That was the year we got a record snowfall here in Northern Michigan. I think we got close to 13 feet total, other parts got as much as 16 feet total from November to May. Yes we did have snow fall on the first of May. It was a long, cold, snow filled winter. Seemed everyday I was blowing snow. So I walked out on the lake, set the Seawind down, checked the throws and I was sure I could taxi it and I would then go back in the...Continue Reading

Super Cub

Posted by Conehead | Jun 13, 2010 @ 12:44 AM | 13,910 Views
I haven't added to my blog in a while and I thought that I would try to outline why I went to the Super Cub with floats.
I have a DX-7 and have watched a few people fly the Super Cub at different flying fields I fly at. One night a young man and his father showed up with two Super Cubs. Now the dad was not a great flier or he was just learning how to handle the Super Cub. the young man was flying the wings off of it. Dad put his Cub in the ground a couple of times, the son flew and flew and then put his Cub in the ground and broke or damaged the wing. The young man went to the car, took the damaged wing off and put the new wing on and flew like mad. The Super cub looked great, but at the time it was on 27 MHz and I didn't want one like that. Too little range, too many problems with where I fly.

At E-Fest there were many 4-Sites for sale, I almost bought one, but I thought, I live on a lake and I love to float fly and a Super Cub on floats would be great. So I waited and then came the review here on RC Groups by Andy. I read it, watched the videos and said, this is the plane for me. I can put a battery in and go to the dock and off I will go. So I bought one and the floats. I got it and Andy suggested I fly it on land first, so I headed to the full scale airport where we fly all the time. There was some snow, just the last bits of what we had all winter. I put the Cub down, checked the throws and hit the throttle. Off it went on the snow and I was airborne and I took off...Continue Reading