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Posted by Conehead | Apr 20, 2010 @ 02:21 AM | 11,422 Views
I found more images in my files. The camera reset to some odd date, so they were not with all the other ones.
Orrin Eldred

I goofed, it is Troy not Greg. It was very late when I did this....Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Apr 20, 2010 @ 01:14 AM | 11,433 Views
For some strange reason I lost the first 6 pictures on the other part of the Toledo thread. So I will add those and more.
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Posted by Conehead | Apr 18, 2010 @ 12:07 AM | 11,279 Views
Each year since I got into the hobby, I have gone to Toledo to the Weak Signals show. The first year I went it was very crowded and lots of vendors.
This year was different in many ways. Less vendors, fewer people and a few less models on display that were there for show in the main isle.

I have wondered about the less participation in the show and have come to a couple of conclusions. One is that all the companies now market their products on or via the net. Anything that your local hobby store would have, can be ordered on line, delivered to your door, shipping in some cases is free, or very inexpensive, less than a few gallons of gas to run to your local hobby shop. Companies also put a lot of money in print media in years past and do so today, yet we see fewer catalogs from the major companies and with the economy the way it is, more people are spending their money a bit more wisely. So since products are now being marketed via the net, orders can be done the same way and since many companies don't collect state sales tax if you are out of that state, you get a break on that portion of your order. I find it costs a bunch to do a show. You have motel rooms for all the people who come, you have to transport products and display stuff, you have the cost of the booth and all this is not cheap. So companies have to make some cuts here and there. It is not cheap to do a show, no matter where it is. If this were held in Champain-Urbana it would still be an expensive event....Continue Reading