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Posted by Conehead | Jun 29, 2009 @ 08:37 PM | 12,641 Views
Each year the Traverse Area Model Pilots have a model airplane show at Empire Airport. Since Barcs fly there a lot, many of the Barcs members helped Tramps set up for the weekend. I understand some mowing was done by Barcs and few other chores.(Benzie Area Radio Controlers = Barcs)
Some people arrive on Friday afternoon and set up and get a few flights in before Saturday morning and then go off to find a local place to eat and some even camp at the site, ensuring the safety of all airplanes at the site.
I took my trailer up and got my place so that I would have a place to assemble my plane the next day.

I arrived early on Saturday morning, there were a number of people already set up and models being unloaded and assembled. There were a number of pilots from out of town. Lansing, Chelsea, Cadillac area and others. Kalkaska Gaylord and other areas. Many pilots and more planes than you could imagine.

This year was especially good because we had many different planes. We had fellows from the Lift Society, or League of Silent Flight with their wench and sailplanes. Wow, they are something else. Peter was there and did some demos of sailplane flying.

We had helies, jets, multiengine and foamies, electrics and regular gas planes, gas planes and war birds and just about everything you could think of.

There were many people there. We had Cubs, B-17's B-25's a C-130 in Coast Guard colors, a Stearman, P-47, a F-104 and a Phantom along with some low wings, high wing...Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Jun 01, 2009 @ 05:57 PM | 11,506 Views
We had a flying field on private property and about 3 maybe 4 years ago we had one of our lawn tractors stolen. Somehow they got into our shed and got the one tractor out and so we were down one lawn tractor. Then we lost our field. The fellow who owned the property got an offer he couldn't refuse and so we have to still find a place to fly. We fly at two full scale airports presently. Empire Michigan (KY87) and Thompsonville Michigan (K7Y2). Both have some full scale traffic, but where we are, there is very little traffic. We do have a radio that we listen in for incoming full scale planes, we land our RC planes and then everything is fine. I donated an old John Deere lawn tractor that I had. I rebuilt the mower deck when I got it and since it was not running great, I said, here, you will need to see what is wrong with this tractor, there was very little wrong with it, but one fellow took it apart, went over it, replaced a number of parts and fixed the mower deck and now the tractor looks as good as new. We use this tractor at the Thompsonville Airport to cut part of the grass runway we fly off of. At one of the meetings last year, the fellows of the club decided that I should have Fred's plane. Fred was done with it and he didn't want it any more. Why, only Fred knows.

This Bluehawk was built by Fred Stafford, he got the kit from another fellow in the club, I don't know if he was given the kit or they traded something for it. Fred built this plane as a test bed for his...Continue Reading