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Posted by Conehead | Apr 09, 2009 @ 06:51 PM | 11,837 Views
The Flutter-By is built by Jack Frost in Muncie Indiana. I own 4 of his planes. What I like about them is that they are easy to fly, can be flown both indoors and outdoors, even in some wind and I have both large Flutter-Bys and two small Flutter-Bys. They are unique planes and are made out of carbon fiber, rip-stop nylon. They are electric powered, and are just fun to fly.

Jack said he will build me a new plane, a canard Flutter-By which is his design.

The mini Green Flutter-By is hiding. I will get a picture of all 4 of them in the next few days. The grass here is very brown still, our April showers will be here soon and everything will green up soon.

Thanks for looking at one of my favorite airplanes. Easy to fly and in the evening at dusk, with lights, they are a real joy to fly.

Thanks for looking.
Orrin Eldred
Platte Lake
Honor, MI....Continue Reading
Posted by Conehead | Apr 08, 2009 @ 11:41 PM | 12,153 Views
I have been to Toledo for the last few years. Each year I have marveled at the models on display on the tables for judging. I shot pictures one year, they were terrible, so for a couple of years I didn't take any. This year I took some pictures, mostly of the models that were what I call "old timers" that I really enjoyed.
Most of them are below. I hope all of you enjoy them. These are just one person's view of what was displayed.

I wandered around looking at displays and I got a few things. Wheels for an airplane, some shrink tubing, checked models that were on sale, but I want to wait to see what else is coming out. I got glue, a motor, looked at many planes, had a great time at Skip Miller Models, wow what technology there is in sailplanes. They are way too fast for me. I would lose one in a hurry.

Best part about Toledo is seeing the factory reps and asking questions about why, what is the next model coming out, or finding out about new stuff that is in the works. Mostly that is hush hush, since no one wants to leak information to the competition. At Horizon I got a chance to talk to John Redman, mostly about the Pulse XT 25e and asked about what was in the pipeline for the future. He said, a warbird, then was really specific. Said it would have a wing, fuse, stab, rudder, maybe flaps, and most likely will be about the 25 e size. So who knows what it will be. John also talked about what he is working on, well sort of. He said he is working on 14 models...Continue Reading