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Posted by Conehead | Aug 21, 2008 @ 10:40 PM | 12,415 Views
As I have stated our club flies at two different Full Scale airports. So we have to be aware of full scale planes when they come in for landing. We have our own radio to monitor the airport frequency.

Tonight we met at the airport that is in the South part of our county here in Northern Michigan.

Fred Stafford called this afternoon and said we were flying at Thompsonville Airport. Bob Ballmer also called wanting to know if I had a fuel tank. Since I have a number of them, all from Nexstars that have since passed on, so I figured I could spare one or two for his plane. I also think someone sent an email out, but as of now, I just don't remember.

We did have a full scale land at Thompsonville. It was a Cherokee that came in from West to East and landed. The plane is hangered down among the three hangers to the west of the terminal.

I got to Thompsonville Airport about 5:30 or so and there were a number of cars there. Gene Johnson was in the air with his Big Stick. I could see he flying around as I drove in. I waited for him to land. He touched down fine and I crossed over to the parking area.

After I parked I got out my windsock and chair. Then planes and the channel checker. Claude got his plane running and off he went. Claude did a number of touch and goes. Bob finally got his plane running and off he went. Still had a problem with the fuel line, so he landed, took off the fuel filter and it seems the plane is now running fine. Needs a bigger fuel line.

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Posted by Conehead | Aug 18, 2008 @ 12:01 AM | 12,297 Views
I am a member of Benzie Area Radio Controlers, BARC's for short and we are located in Northern Michigan, just West and somewhat South of Traverse City Michigan. We fly at two full scale airports, Empire Airport, located just East of Empire Michigan and Thompsonville Airport, in Thompsonville Michigan just a bit east of Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. We lost our flying field two years ago and are in the process of trying to get the State of Michigan to let us use the old county dump, a process which is rather long and involved. Both full scale airports have been designated as places where model airplanes can be flown and we have radios that we monitor the airport frequencies with so we know when full scale planes are approaching.

One of our members had been in Cleveland Ohio for almost a week and returned home late Thursday night and wanted to fly on Friday morning. Claude called and so Fred and I headed to the airport. Claude had checked the wind, it was just right, by the time Fred and I got there, the wind was way too windy to fly. We waited for it to lay down, didn't happen.
We got a call on our radio, we keep a radio so that we know when full scale are coming in and we had a Comanche inbound. He landed and put his plane in the hanger, then a couple came out to us and said we would have a few pilots coming in. Since we couldn't fly, way too much wind for our models, we were happy to see some full scale planes. Well we had a Cesnna 172 land and then we saw them. 6...Continue Reading