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Posted by malugu | Nov 28, 2019 @ 08:35 AM | 1,509 Views
MEMS technology is known as a revolutionary high-tech in the 21st century, and its development is closely related to market demand.

I. The wave of IoT development has spawned a huge consumer market for MEMS in China

MEMS technology is a new technology developed with integrated circuits. It originated from the invention of the transistor at Bell Labs in the United States in 1947. Until 1987, the University of California, Berkeley, invented a micromotor, which caused a stir in the international academic community. The possibility of integrated fabrication with executive components is the beginning of MEMS technology.

Since then, with the rapid development of MEMS technology and the commercialization of MEMS products, the market for MEMS applications has expanded rapidly. From the historical development trajectory, MEMS sensors have experienced three waves of development, with automotive electronics, consumer electronics and the Internet of Things as the main driving forces.

The first wave of development occurred from the late 1980s to the 1990s. Demand for automotive electronics applications such as airbags, brake pressure, and tire pressure monitoring systems increased, and huge profit margins have driven European, Japanese, and American companies to develop and produce MEMS in large numbers sensor products.

The second wave of development occurred after 2007. Consumer electronics products such as mobile phones and mobile Internet devices require MEMS sensor...Continue Reading