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Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | May 29, 2006 @ 09:51 PM | 5,965 Views
Well, it finally happened.
I threw a battery while doing a few loops and spiraling down from a pretty good height.
It was high enough that I saw something come off the plane, but I did not know what it was,
till I heard the big thump of it hitting the field, and then the loss of plane control.
It's funny, no matter how much you move the sticks, it does not help.
If only it would have come down 10' further to the left, I'd have it in my hands. It landed on the roof of a business across from the field I was flying at.
I looked the business up on the Internet and called and left a message on their VM. I basically begged them to get it off the roof on Tuesday for me to pick it up, so I hope they don't hose me over.
I told them I'd give them a half decent aerial photo of their business in exchange for getting my plane back to me.
I just don't want to lose the electronics.
I could care less about the S/S, but @ $35 plus for the receiver, $40 for the ESC, and $30 for the pair of servos, that's $100 plus in electronics.
Oh well, live and learn. Todays lesson, MORE velcro wraps !!!

Tues 5/30 Update--I got the plane back !! Yeeeeeehah !!!!!!!
The people @ the business were very nice, and I printed a photo of their
business for them in return for my plane.
I call it a 2 feet photo, it looks great from 2 feet, but up close it's pixelated.
I will get a better one later and give to them.
Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | May 21, 2006 @ 05:15 PM | 6,239 Views
Well, no flying again. Rain and or wind ALL weekend.
I did get my Twin Jet from Hobby Lobby so I may start on that.
I also got my EStarter from Tower this week. I sold my EStarter previously and decided to get another.
I also started putting my ArtTech Predator together. Boy does the quality of that thing leave something to be desired.
I will need to do many mods to make it half decent, the wing saddle needs
to be closed up, very poor screw securement, poor parts alignment, etc...
I still have not gotten back to the Stryker to do the landing gear mod.
Too many planes, not enough time.
Oh well, I got vacation coming up in a couple weeks, I intend to do alot of flying.
The only thing I HAVE to do, is put the lowering springs on the wifes car, and get my Classic 87 Fiero GT inspected.
It better pass, I only put 100 miles on it since last year.
Happy flying (if you can even get out to fly)
Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | May 14, 2006 @ 06:45 PM | 4,742 Views
No flying today due to weather, so I went to Lowes and bought a wheeled portable toolbox for all my stuff.
It's pretty big, lots of room. This thing holds A LOT of stuff.
I also went to Wallyworld and bought some little containers to put different
items in, motors, esc's, servos, batteries, etc...
It keeps things really organized. I'm really a neat freak.
Only problem will be lifting it into my truck, it weighs a ton !

I also picked up some sq stock to beef up another Slow Stick I,m gonna start.
I got lots of spare motors and such, so I'm gonna build another backup plane.

It's raining on and off today so no flying, but I did fly Friday night.
I'm starting to do lots of loops, stall turns, and hovers, but I did try to loop too close to ground and I punched it into the blacktop HARD !!
I completely knocked the center out of the Park 400 I just got last week.
I thought it just snapped the shaft, but when I got home and pulled it apart, I found out it knocked the center out of the bell.
It cracked the 3 metal arms going out from the center shaft. It is junk.
I'm hoping to find someone that yanked their wires loose and have a good bell. Oh well, live and learn. I do know one thing, that plane hauled butt with that motor.
Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | May 07, 2006 @ 07:57 PM | 5,216 Views
Great flying day today. Sent up the S/S with a brushless G/P rimfire outrunner. MAN, WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!
It almost goes vertical. If it wasn't windy today, it just may have.
I know it was @ least 50-60 degree climb. I'm going to try out the Himax with gearbox next week and see what I get out of that.
I have 3 or 4 props (sizes and pitch) to try and see what they give me.
No pics from this week, boy that brushless really screws up the photos.
I had a couple out of 200 or so without waves in them.
Also, just figured out I forgot to check the focus because I must have moved it when I was hooking the cam up, so basically all photos are junk from today.
The bottom of the wing looks good though.
Oh well, new lesson learned.
The great thing is I didn't break anything this weekend. I think this may be the first weekend without @ least a broken prop.
I'm still slowly working on the Stryker. I want to try to break it out soon.
Maybe I shouldn't say break ??
Waiting on a motor and charger from Punkindrublic (Brian).
I picked up a Carbon Falcon from Justfly this week also.
Also waiting on a brushless from ndflicks.
I think I'm set on motors and speed controls for a long time now, or wait, can you really have enough of them ?

Happy Flying.