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Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | Apr 30, 2006 @ 05:47 PM | 3,183 Views
Well it was a very, very, very good day today.
Flew for 1 hour 45 minutes on 4 batteries.
Really nice thermals and lots of wind up high, so I just floated around forever.
I set my ETONIC special cam up for 2 second intervels on the shutter, and it took 351 photos.
Now I just have to go through them all and delete the junk.
I think it will take awhile.

I had my first fly away today. It scared the crap outta me.
Luckily, when it lost contact, it was in a slight turn and it took about 5 minutes to come down.
I could not believe it came down within 100 yards from me.
It flew between buildings, trees, poles, etc..., and landed in a clump of taller grass, it did break the prop, but who cares, I got my plane back.
I thought it was because the receiver plug got pulled out, but stupid me, that happened when it hit the ground.
I plugged it in, sent it up, and it happened again, luckily within 50 feet of the ground, no control again. WHAT THE HELL?
Then it dawned on me, a dead transmitter battery. DUH!!
I had plugged it in for awhile to charge, but I guess it was more dead than I thought.
BIG lesson learned.
I hope to setup my Winged Shadow altimeter for next weekend to see how high I'm getting.
Anyhow, it was a very good day, the best yet.
Happy Flying !!!
Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | Apr 23, 2006 @ 04:42 PM | 3,614 Views
Well, no flying this weekend. Nothing but rain all weekend.
The sun came out a little bit ago, but the radar say's more rain is coming.
I figure if I load the plane stuff up, till I get to the place I fly, it will probably start raining again.
Plus, it's wet and muddy, and I really don't feel like hogging up my plane, or getting my electronics wet.
For something to do, I started my Stryker.
I bought a Stryker fuse on Ebay from RCBOYZ, a hatch kit, elevons, and rudder set from my LHS, and I have a ton of ESC's, servos, etc....
I epoxied the nose on, epoxied underneath motor mount, mounted the motor, mounted the rudders, and epoxied under the nose to help keep foam from shredding on landings.
I got a "B" fuse, but "A" elevons, but no big deal, just need to mount them with tape.
I'm going to try to do a landing gear mod so I can ROG. Someone here on the forum has a nice video of theirs, but I want to sit lower.
I'll see what I can come up with.
I will try to get nose steering on there somehow.
Oh well, hope to get out next weekend.
Happy flying everyone.
Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | Apr 16, 2006 @ 09:52 PM | 3,508 Views
A great day for flying. Did a little Friday night, but got a couple hours of flying today.
Great thermals (?) today. Got like 20 minutes plus out of each battery.
I used the motor to get up as high as possible, then killed the motor and just floated around.
I was having a blast. I got in numerous loops, AND, did numerous inverted runs.
I'm stilll trying to get the inverted runs to last longer, but with up is down and down is up, etc..., it's kinda hard just starting out.
I went through @ least 6 batteries worth of flying.
I was @ the field for @ least 2 hours.
I did break 2 props, even with the prop saver, but both were stupid mistakes.
The first was hand launch and my hand caught receiver input and pulled it from receiver. DEAD FROM THE GIT GO! WHAM !!
The second, I accidentally hit my trim adjust on my radio to complete down and when I launched,
well you can imagine. STRAIGHT INTO GROUND !!
My neck is killing me from looking up for a couple hours,
but it's worth it.
I got some video, but again the frame rate is slow on the Aiptek SD.
10 fps makes it really j-j-j-j-jumpy.
Well later all, Happy Flying.


Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | Apr 10, 2006 @ 05:52 PM | 3,280 Views
Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | Apr 09, 2006 @ 09:22 PM | 3,600 Views
Well, I had another great day of flying.
Still having problems with the cam taking short vids, but I figured it out so next week I'll have longer ones.
The Aiptek is definitely better for still photos, the frame rate is too slow for nice vids.
I ran through probably 6-8 batteries, no crashes till the last flight.
I thought I was getting too far away, and I was really fighting the wind.
It had pushed me to the edge of the field, and I smacked the high tension power line.
It broke the gearbox and I lost the landing gear, but all else survived.
Power line-1 Slow Stick-0
I thought it might have zapped the electronics, but everything checks out.
There was a hawk following the plane for quite awhile, but I guess he figured it was not a tasty treat, and he went back up on his perch on the power line pole.
All in all, it was a good day of flying.
I have plenty of spare gearboxes, so I'm good to go next week.
Posted by SEMPERFI8387 | Apr 03, 2006 @ 11:52 AM | 3,374 Views
Pretty good day except for first flight.
My distance perception was a little off and I nailed the same damn light pole as last week head on. WHAM !!! I swear it's a plane magnet.
Smashed the S/S gearbox into numerous pieces, but amazingly, all else survived including the motor.
I have to remember to stand @ the street when I land to make sure where I'm headed!
Had to run home and grab another gearbox, but I was back up in a half hour. Took some video, but the Aiptek 1.3 aint that great for video. I'll stick to photos with it. I have a problem with the cam, I think I have the switch set up wrong, cause all my videos are 9 seconds long ??
Flew through 5-6 batteries, did probably 20 plus touch & go's, also did numerous loops.
Only broke two props, one on light pole, one when I had to land in field and forgot to kill the motor. Oh well, getting better.
With a little motor management, and some wind / thermals, I was able to get a flight of appx. 18 minutes.
Not bad, I'll see if I can top it next weekend.
I definitely have to beef up the landing gear, they keep bending back, but I guess it's good they give a little bit.
I definitely have to back the throws off on the elevator, it's way too fast, just a little back stick, and it want's to straight up. I'm still using my cheap radio till I get more comfortable. When I feel I'm ready, I'll break out my SPEKTRUM.
I got a computer PS from ETONIC, gonna get that set up to use my ICE charger. He had the 15 amp model, so I should be able to use ALL functions if need be on the charger.
I got one from birdie_in_texas too, I'll use that for my GP charger. If I get all my bats charged, I should be able to fly for hours.
Happy flying !!!!