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Posted by MattZC | Feb 26, 2008 @ 09:46 AM | 12,383 Views
Hey Guys!

On Sunday, February 24, 2008, around 2:30 PM, On Higgins Lake, Roscommon County, Michigan, I started the engine on my Balsa USA Northstar that was completed a couple days before by my Grandfather. I carried it out with engine running about 100 feet or so on the frozen over lake, and then set it down on the hard packed snow {From Snowmobiles}. I taxied out about 200 more feet until I found some un-touched snow that was light and fluffy. I had in my mind then that it was just going to be taxi tests, and thats all it was for about 15 mins, throttling up and down, and then running to go get it because of the 8 MPH wind that It wouldn't turn.

I found a new patch of snow, and asked my Grandfather if I should take off. He told me "You have to do it sometime, so why not now?" I checked all the controls again, and then advanced the throttle to half, and then to 3/4. The Northstar picked up speed and then after about 80ft and crossing out of the good snow into the rough track, it pulled off nicely and started to roll right and down. Instead of reacting with lots of up and left at low altitude and low speed, I let it bounce once more and throttled up to full before it pulled up and shot into the sky. Once in the air all it needed was two clicks of left trim. No Joke. It might of needed some down also but it was flying fine. I did probable 4 or 5 laps, and then a roll, which was surprisingly slow for how twitchy it felt just flying around. In the air it was...Continue Reading