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Posted by MattZC | Sep 16, 2006 @ 07:53 AM | 9,192 Views
So on thursday I finnished my Animal 3D by Nikitis aircraft and I brought it to school on friday to maby fly it in the 3/4 size soccer feild. It was perfect conditions. Calm and clear. I knew I had to give it a go. I brought it out at lunch and pluged in the battery and did my preflight. Everything was working normal. I powered it up to full and it lept out of my hand and shot upward like a rocket! I knew I had a amazing plane under my thumbs i flew it around for a little bit, rice axial rolls, very tight loops, nothing special, then a came in for a landing. I had way to much up elivator and droped it to the ground from a bout five feet and broke the landing gear. A little foam safe ca will fix that one. I flew it again at last period and about the same thing with a better landing. When I got home I charged it up and went out to a bigger field. THat was a mistake. I got it going to fast and pulling to many gs and snaped a counter balence off on the left aliron. Went home and glued it and went out to try it again. I did another spin and this time when I pulled out I completly snaped it off. So now I wasn't to happy so I brought it home and recharded and glued and taped the aliron. Just before dusk I went out to a school yard, about the same size as the original sight and flew it there. That was the trick. The best 3D manuvers I had ever done were done at dusk at a small field. Thats about it and I'm very happy with this plane.