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Posted by mikeythev | Mar 28, 2010 @ 08:39 PM | 8,276 Views
My newest project involved scaling the 'One Wing or Two' down to under a 12" span. I succeeded.

Behold the 11.5" span, 17.8gram micro biplane. The original bluecor design came from RC Microflight-designer was Dick Sarpolus. His wingspan was near 25" inches.

This project uses the ever popular Parkzone brick. I gutted a Vapor for these parts. I swapped the Cessna 210 prop with the one that came with the Vapor. It's much smaller!

Foam varies from 2mm to 3mm Depron.
2mm: wing, tail pieces, wheel pants
3mm: fuselage

The paint is Creatix red and black, and was airbrushed in under two hours. I used BSI foam safe CA with kicker. This is my first project using the right foam safe CA. It went well! The Bob Smith products are worth the extra money. I hot glued the Parkzone brick to the fuselage.

The landing gear is small diameter CF rod, with some wire bent instead of wheels.

I will get video soon. As long as I make it to school early tomorrow, I'll get some gym time to test it out. I know the CG is too far back, but I'll have to lengthen the wires to change that.

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Posted by mikeythev | Mar 01, 2010 @ 06:44 PM | 8,099 Views
I suckered someone at work to help me obtain flight video. The first flights in the gym were good but showed that my elevator control surface horn came loose. A quick drop of glue put me back in shape.

I need to lengthen the nose gear by 0.25-0.5 inches. Right now, take off requires a lot of up elevator. Lastly, the wheels turn out on me. The glue didn't take on the carbon and heat shrink.

Overall, the plane is exactly what I want. Now, I just need to find some warm weather...

MicroTrainer (1 min 4 sec)