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Posted by mikeythev | Dec 24, 2009 @ 07:20 AM | 3,920 Views
The blingblingv3 36" span model is a graceful plane. I spent over 10 hours building this one, and I am very pleased with it's flight characteristics.

24g HXT1300kV, 8x4gws, 2cell, 10A Turnigy esc, spektrum rx, and three HXT500's. I hope to have a total weight at some point. It's light! I use a lot of 0.8mm cf rod on the plane. It makes a complete difference for rigidity.

Here'a a video of it's maiden flight.

blingblinbV3(36in) (3 min 11 sec)

Posted by mikeythev | Dec 21, 2009 @ 10:11 PM | 3,570 Views
I haven't put anything up here in a few years because I post stuff on our club website. Well, I'm supposed to. Here goes nothing:

My current project is a larger 3mm depron blingblinbv3. I built a 28" version for the funfly and flew it there with great success. I ran a 16g, 1700kV from hobbycity and a 6A BL ESC, on a 2 cell 350, spinning a GWS 8x4. It's a smooth flying plane, I mean, really smooth.

I wanted a slower and larger version of it, so the 36" span was born. It's currently all over my kitchen table. The basement is in the high 50's right now.

I took the plans and used a trial software piece from anydwg.com which takes any PDF and turns it into a DXF. That's awesome! Plus, the trial version will work 20 times before it shuts down. $180 is a little steep for a software piece like that. I have access to 100+ computers at work, so that's at least 2000 conversions at my finger tips. Here's the link.


I hope to have the new version running before Christmas.