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Posted by mikeythev | Oct 31, 2006 @ 09:57 AM | 4,650 Views
Here are a few pictures of my PCat. I designed the plane in March and had a flying model in April. It's a laser cut kit, which I did all of the work for. I have access to a laser at my job, and I abuse my privileges with it.

The plane's parts interlock, easing the alignment process. It comes in around 18oz, and is powered by a Little Nippy 1812/100. I have used two separate packs, a 3 cell 1500, and a 2 cell 1250. The weight savings on the 2 cell pretty much compensate the performance equally. It has a castle creations Thunderbird 18 for power which works flawlessly. I love the beep it emits when your receiver is left on.

It was covered with SoLite, which is a cinch to use. 3/32 inch balsa holds most of the structure, and the formers are 1/8th balsa ply.

Check out the video on my website for the club I run.

if you have any questions about it, please Email Me