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Posted by pwkpete | Apr 29, 2006 @ 12:04 PM | 6,326 Views
So, the site has been redesigned:
Have to thank probe3 (Mark) here. He did a fantastic job on the graphics!

Internet service has been improved, more than doubled my bandwidth.

Got both Maxirs put back together and they are flying flawlessly again. Have switched to the 910 TP 3s packs. Inverted they seem a little light, as I constantly have to correct to keep the nose down (no rpoblem right side up, which seems a little confusing as the swash is level through the throw), but the power is great!

Then I started working on the replacement for the wiki site:

I made it more heli neutral and started adding Roxxter information.

On the Roxxter front, we should see them arrive here next week. Got a shipment conformation from LF that they are on the way early this week...

Until next entry!