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Posted by Twidget II | Feb 04, 2007 @ 08:45 AM | 2,038 Views
CX2 Flight Log
  1. First battery pack - with training gear installed, only got a few inches off the ground. Nose is drifting right constantly and whole heli drifts backwards.
  2. Bpack 2 - training gear, tried adjusting with trim on trx but still drifting.
  3. Bpack 3 - training gear, tried adjust pots per instructions I got from forum, still drifting.
  4. Bpack 4 - removed training gear per instructions from forum and adjusted pots per new instructions. Drifting must less. Fairly stable hover at about 3 feet to avoid ground effect. Moved around a bit and tried simple manuevers. Flying much better!
  5. Rear aileron servo died. Just started twitching and spasming constantly and barely responds to trx. Called Horizen and they are sending me a new servo, no questions asked. Great Service!
  6. Installed Motor Hear Sink while waiting for servo.