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Posted by cptsnoopy | Apr 23, 2010 @ 01:54 PM | 9,553 Views
I have been using the Hobbico FASST module in my Evo-12 for approximately 5 months now with zero issues. The receivers I am using are the R6106HFC, R617FS and the R6008HS. The aircraft are the Blaster2, mini-Blaster2 (made from broken Blaster2 wings), Stobel-v2, Acacia II, Starlight 3000 and a Super Ava Pro. Until a couple of days ago I had the module hard wired into my Evo transmitter. I went ahead and changed the setup to use the plug in connector.

Also, I have had a request for more info so I am posting a couple more pictures with notes.


Posted by cptsnoopy | Jan 17, 2010 @ 03:26 PM | 9,879 Views
I just got back from flying in a DLG contest at Eldorado Park in Long Beach, CA. This is where I was having my worst "holds" using my Evo-12tx and a Spektrum DM8 tx module hacked to work in the Evo. The rx's were the AR6250 full range with dual extended antenna routed outside the fuselage for better reception. Going to these events is very fun but having issues with my radio was cutting into the "fun" factor quite a bit. That is what motivated me to try this Hobbico Futaba FASST module, to see if I could get back to having fun and not worrying about radio issues...

At this most recent event, I used my Evo-12 with the Hobbico Futaba FASST module along with all three FASST rx's that I happen to own. In my Stobel-v2 I am using the 7 channel, in my yellow Blaster2 I am using the 6 channel (the one with the longer antenna for routing outside a carbon fuselage) and in my oldest beater (my original Blaster2) an 8 channel. All rx's have their antenna routed outside the fuselage very much the same way I had the AR6250 mounted.

I am very happy to report zero radio issues with any of the DLG's I was flying.

I heard that there were at least 2 Spektrum "holds" during the event. One I believe was using the same Spektrum Tx module in there Evo as I was using and an AR500 rx. The other I am not sure of what tx and rx were being used. I am pretty sure the only damage reported from these two was that one of them spiraled into a tree during the hold and dented his wing. The other I believe caused no damage.

I flew the 8 channel FASST rx in my brother's Acacia II TD ship (3.5 meter glider pictured below) in a small one day event earlier this year and had no issues with that setup. The antenna were routed very similar to what is pictured below inside the pod. I am pretty sure there is little to no Carbon material in the pod of this sailplane.

So far this is looking like a more reliable setup. Only time will tell for sure though.


Posted by cptsnoopy | Dec 16, 2009 @ 12:59 AM | 10,567 Views
In the "radios" section I posted a link here to show everyone that there is another option to use in the Evo tx for 2.4ghz. Chewy asked if I could test the module using the "MPX" channel protocol that the Evo uses when selecting 10 through 12 channel operation. As it turns out the servo moves but not reliably when using the "MPX" channel protocol with any number of channels in use.

So, if you are looking to use this module in your Evo tx be aware that it will only be reliable using the "UNI" channel protocol and that will only be available when selecting 9 or less channels.

Maybe someday Futaba or Hobbico will make a module that will go up to 12 channels for the Evo but this is not it. Only 9 channels with this module!


Posted by cptsnoopy | Dec 13, 2009 @ 08:56 PM | 10,648 Views
On December 12th I flew all three of my DLG's during 6 rounds of competition and afterwords a period of friendly all up, last down competition.

The radio system worked flawlessly as far as I could tell. I flew the orange Blaster2 in the first round and then the yellow Blaster2 in the second round. After that I flew the Stobel-v2 (carbon fuse) in the remaining 4 rounds and also after the contest was over with the rest of the guys for about 30 minutes.

The Stobel-v2 has the 7 channel FASST rx in it (case removed and wrapped in heat-shrink tubing and Blenderm tape to prevent shorts against the carbon). The Blaster2's had the 8 channel FASST end-pin rx's in them.

Again, so far, I am very happy with the results. Should any issues be noted in the future, I will update here.


Posted by cptsnoopy | Dec 11, 2009 @ 09:52 PM | 10,873 Views
I flew the Stobel-v2 yesterday and the problematic Blaster2 today (the one that has been locking out with the AR6250 in it) with no apparent issues. So far the Hobbico-FASST system seems to be a success. Tomorrow is a small one day DLG contest so I will get more testing done with quite a few more DLG's flying at once.


Posted by cptsnoopy | Dec 08, 2009 @ 08:56 PM | 11,652 Views
I was able to shoehorn the 7 channel FASST rx into the Stobel pod along with the same servos/battery/ubec that I have been with the AR6250 rx. Tonight I got to the field with just enough time for a quick range check and about 10 throws for trimming the different flight modes and the last 2 or 3 for ranging out and trying to block the tx signal with my body. I could not see any significant "holds" or other indications that the signal was not reaching the rx in the Stobel. I wil continue to fly it with this configuration and if there are any issues noted I will post them here. Now I am waiting on a couple of 8 channel end pin rx's (for the Blaster2's) and a 6 channel end pin rx for the mini-Blaster2. Once they arrive, I will start testing this Evo-FASST system with them.


Posted by cptsnoopy | Dec 07, 2009 @ 01:27 AM | 11,082 Views
Below are some pictures that help illustrate our most recent attempt to install Futaba FASST technology into an Evo-12 transmitter. Testing is currently underway and so far the results are positive.

Be forewarned that this is a relatively expensive conversion compared to other available options. However, most of the work has been done to make this an easy conversion if you desire Futaba FASST technology over the other options for your Evo transmitter.

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