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Posted by HappyKillmore | Aug 11, 2009 @ 01:44 AM | 20,877 Views
My first "attempt" at modifying Jordi's Config Tool is getting close to a release.

The key benefits are:
1) Click to add waypoints
2) Drag & drop ability once added
3) Search by address (home and waypoints)

If anyone knows how to address GMarkers from Google Map's API V2 directly (ie getElementById) in C#.NET, please let me know! Right now, I'm polling a hidden control on the html form for index, lat & long info. It's not the best way, but it's working....

The screenshot above was created by clicking the "Home" radio button and entering "grand canyon" on the address field...then hit search. The waypoints were added by clicking around the home point on the map. No typing in lat & long coordinates or looking them up in Google Earth....
Posted by HappyKillmore | Aug 07, 2009 @ 11:19 AM | 24,727 Views
This project is used to provide emulated GPS data for the ArduPilot hardware using Remzibi's USB to serial cable. The emulated output will provide feedback for the Ardu's movement commands. It does require a recompile and upload of the firmware to the Ardu so you will need the FTDI cable. The output is then displayed on Google Maps and updated every 5 seconds. Home position and waypoints are shown as well.

For info on Remzibi's OSD:
To purchase the ArduPilot:
Programming cable for ArduPilot (GET THIS ONE NOT SPARKFUN'S!!):
ArduPilot Manual:
Straight Headers:
Bind Plug:

Getting Started
First, you'll need to solder on the headers as shown here: The Emulator will only make use of a small number of these connections, but you'll need most of them when it comes time to fly. You'll also need to solder on the MUX jumper shown in the second photo. For this project, I am not making use of the ArduShield.

Next, download the Arduino development environment frm here: and unzip it into a folder on your PC (ie C:\Program Files\Remzibi OSD).

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