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Posted by Erk | Dec 22, 2008 @ 07:28 PM | 3,413 Views
Here's some pictures of the Nora.
Posted by Erk | Jul 19, 2008 @ 03:54 PM | 5,953 Views
Building of QFII wing number two has been delayed due to a: lack of 1/32" sheet anywhere nearby, and b: the arrival of Super 'Phatic glue.

Hobby-Lobby's page makes these claims:

What does it do? It glues woods together BETTER than any other glue. Why? It flows inside the grain of the two pieces of wood, grabs hold of the grain from the inside, then it connects the pieces so strongly that they can only be parted by breaking the wood. Itís not as fast setting as CA but it makes much stronger joints and it is almost weightless when dry.
So far I'm not terribly impressed at its ability to wick into already assembled joints, as they claim. Actually I'm being rather generous there; so far in every test save one, it just beads up on the surface when trying butt joints, or forms a gusset when I'm gluing up at 90 degrees, such as rib to sheeting, without penetrating fully to the unglued side.

Penetration in already assembled joints seems much better when I dampen the parts prior to dispensing glue, but I won't really know until the ship-laid fuse pod I'm gluing up comes off the form. If it doesn't come off the form without a sander, I'll be pleased with SP's penetration... I sure wouldn't try this with CA no matter how well waxed the form is.

Sanding will be a PITA, IMO. It's better than CA by far, slightly better than regular white glue, but nothing like solvent based adhesives like Ambroid. Cleanup while wet looks...Continue Reading
Posted by Erk | Jun 19, 2008 @ 11:13 PM | 4,197 Views
This entry is mostly a test, but just in case I leave it and the pictures, it's some details of my modified QFII designed by Paul Daniels.

Plans and manuals

Mods include: 1/32" ply fuse doubler inside, and 1/2 ounce f-glass cloth outside applied with WBPU. If I weren't flying on rocky fields, it would be fine just like that, but the 1/2 ounce isn't very tough so I added a layer of ~3 ounce kevlar on the bottom only. The fuse is tapered to the rear of the front wing hold down, as well.

I went wild on the wing, and not in a good way. Instead of putting the carbon fiber tows top and bottom outside the spars, I did it on the top spar only, and under the wood so it wouldn't show. And by not following the build manual I screwed up the d-box sheeting and joiner, requiring some careful surgery to get it apart intact so that I could correct a misalignment panel to panel.

And because I got confused on the boom location, I had to extract that and move it 3" to the rear... careful use of a heat gun made that happen.

Non-goof inspired mods include housing the elevator pushrod inside the h-stab mount. THe bottom of the fin started out with a very thin strip of CF as protection, and while that lasted a few dozen flights, I eventually had to splice in a new bit of balsa, to which I added a piece of 1/32" square-ish bamboo, and covered that with a narrow strip of kevlar. That's still solid after at least 100 less than ideal landings on my rocky-horrible...Continue Reading
Posted by Erk | Jun 18, 2006 @ 02:04 PM | 7,545 Views
Here's my Cirrus. I only flew her a few times up at Four Corners: Google Map She's my first large sailplane; I wish I could say we got along like old friends, but it would be a lie.

I thought I'd lost the wing joiners, but lo and behold, they were under the foam in the nose, right where I left them a million years ago (ok, it's only about ten.)

She's not in pristine shape: note the cracks under the fuse and in the canopy, the adhesive from the electrician's tape I left on it, and the wing covering. Blame the builder for the horrid rudder-fin gap. If I were going to fly her today. I'd recover and re paint, fix that gap, and glue the cracks with ABS cement from the hardware store. Might even redo the pushrods and make a new set of wing retainers.

I've got the DLG bug in a bad way and I want to turn her into a decent mid-level bird like a Spinner or similar, otherwise, being the kind of pack-rat collector that I am, I'd keep her for another few decades before I do anything with her. ...Continue Reading
Posted by Erk | May 25, 2006 @ 07:39 PM | 4,470 Views
Just in case you doubt my sanity... You should. I know I do.