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Posted by Menno | Apr 13, 2014 @ 07:03 AM | 16,540 Views
I have had the pleasure to test the new Cobra C2204/28 2300kv motor on my mini quadcopter for the last month. Before you skip to the conclusion; it's a great motor! But so is the Sunnysky X2204S motor. So how do these 2 motors compare?

The Sunnysky motor has been reviewed and tested multiple times, but often there is only a mentioning of maximum thrust and not how this thrust has been achieved. RCGroups user Soma has made the most comprehensive test that I have seen till now, but it's made with big LiPo batteries connected in parallel. Although the test data is true and I have very much respect for all the work that he is doing, it's unlikely that you will ever see the maximum thrust on your mini quadcopter with a smaller LiPo. A good indication is the voltage reading at full throttle.

So I decided to do a test of my own. Put both motors on the same test bench, run the test with the same LiPo and Propellers and use the same diagnostic tool; a Hyperion E-meter II.

The test program that i ran was as follows:
- go full throttle for 5 seconds;
- back throttle down to 400 grams of thrust and hold for 10 seconds
- back throttle down to 350 grams and hold for 10 seconds again
- step it all the way further down with increments of 50 gram and 10 seconds of constant thrust.

Here is the data that I collected:

So with the Gemfan 5030 ABS propellers differences between the 2 motors are minimal. The Sunnysky motor appeared to run slightly more efficient and the Cobra motor had...Continue Reading