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Posted by rinkhals | Apr 11, 2007 @ 10:59 PM | 2,407 Views
Wow where does one start with these things? - so let's make a start and get this over and done with ...

My profile name Rinkhals is taken from the Mozambiquean spitting cobra with which I had a close encounter one day and came off second best.
I grew up up in wild Southern Africa where this sort of coming together between man and dangerous animals happens on regular basis.

After leaving school I spent ten years in a marine corps as an active grunt until the unit was disbanded in the late 80's. Then at a loss as for what to do, I took myself off into the African hinterland for 6 months to "think" as I was also in the process of getting a divorce at that time, and this was when I met that blasted snake.

I finaly stopped traveling for a while when I lived on the Serengheti plains amongst a Masai tribe and that's when one realises actualy how small man is in the greater picture of life! We - man, are viewed as nothing more than another link in the food chain by the great carnivors who have thrived there since time began and even though I had a very good rifle ,I realised how small I actualy am !!! (Believe me when I tell you that when you are being eyed by a very hungry pride of lions, it is a humbling experience.....some men have even claimed religious epiphanies there after - LOL)

After a further 6 months I went into Mombasa for some supplies, and I thought that I had better phone my folks and tell them that I'm still among the living which was when...Continue Reading