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Posted by EthanRC | Mar 27, 2019 @ 04:08 PM | 704 Views
Durafly tundra. 3 bladed prop. 60A areostar esc with reverse. Stok motor.
Posted by EthanRC | Mar 23, 2019 @ 08:41 PM | 758 Views
Parkzone F4F wildcat 1.0m (2 min 15 sec)
I hope that you like the video I might change the prop though not super robust.
Posted by EthanRC | Mar 09, 2019 @ 05:30 PM | 1,181 Views
I finished the build I will be flying it as a chuck glider but later on I might make it 2 channel. This was and still is a fun build as well as all the other FT builds I will be doing in the future.
Posted by EthanRC | Feb 23, 2019 @ 07:21 PM | 1,427 Views
Hello everyone I am starting a Flite test projet. The FT tiny trainer build, able to be a chuck glider, 2 channel, 3 channel, and even 4 channel. I am making it a chuck glider and later when I get some electronics I will make it 4 channel aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle and possibly flapperons. I hope that you guys and girls will stay tuned for the build. I already have the plans printed out. And now I just need to get some foam board.
Posted by EthanRC | Feb 21, 2019 @ 11:28 AM | 1,194 Views
2nd video Conscendo advanced (4 min 32 sec)

hope that you guys/girls like the video i am limited on editing seeing as I don't have a laptop at the moment but this is as good as i can make it

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Posted by EthanRC | Feb 21, 2019 @ 10:56 AM | 1,066 Views
hello fellow RC plane guys/girls i am Ethan RC I am still more of a rooky to this hobby i will try to stay consistant with my posts. i hope that you guys like the content that i post i hav e youtube channel if you dont mind checking that out.


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