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Posted by Ta2king78 | Feb 22, 2019 @ 02:41 AM | 929 Views
Hey y'all I been flying for 6 months now but yet to fly the real deal, I went through about 30 toy drones of all types, I have my new Eachine Tyro99 built up all ready, running with a Flysky FS i6 tx and receiver, I connect to betaflight 10.4.0 I think and I get a fail to connect to some type of port , any help videos that will explain step by step what to do because I never used beta flight and my tx is saying err1:0% the light on my reciever is red doesnt change and I need all the help I can from the community. , thanks in advance y'all, if ever in North Florida y'all want to come by fly , more than welcomed might even do u a tattoo ��