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Posted by Gordonriddle | Jan 19, 2019 @ 06:59 PM | 1,469 Views
Two nights ago my trex 600 went up in flames with it took every thing even my home see i lived in a rv traveling the. Country with my rcs and i had a lot of them from cars planes and drones helis and much more now i have nothing but burnt up and blackened melted Electronics and all because of a lipo battery in my T-rex 600 helicopter caught fire under the table and then cut everything on fire in my RV losing everything because of a lipo battery I don't know how it caught fire I wasn't here in the RV at the time it happened thank God I would have been officiated with the smoke because it totally black and everything melted all the vents out of the roof and ceiling everything is blocking cabinets are burnt everything in the cabinets burnt even my DX8 controller melted in half I blade 360 helicopter my 180 blade helicopter Michael earthquake RC car my terremoto RC car and so forth and so forth pretty much around $6,000 of RC vehicles gone including my home I was a little thing that kept me positive and keeping on in life to give me some kind of happiness and now it's gone there's no way in this lifetime I'll be able to save up enough to get another helicopter to fly or ever be happy again just goes to show don't take anything for granted because when when you don't least expect it it'll be gone could be gone treat the LiPO batteries with respect and balance them make sure that they're kept in a fireproof bag for the LiPO batteries cuz if you don't it could start a fire if they get discharged below 3.75 they become unstable and I can catch a fire I'm proof of it and unfortunately I knew I didn't have insurance on my home or at the RC I'm trying to stay positive maybe one day I'll be able to afford another helicopter to fly and one day and maybe have a smile on my face once again okay look out there all of these are Sears have fun fly hard rubber down