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Posted by CapArt | Feb 18, 2019 @ 12:28 PM | 1,063 Views
Hello all,

I had the #2 motor ESC catch fire when I bench ran my Avios C130 the first time with a 4 cell pack. I purchased a new set of wings and 2 sets of nacelles in hopes of building 2 sets of wings. One stock & one with different ESCs and other alterations. My problem is none of the hardware is available yet from Hobby King. The new wings came bare bones with nothing else... No electrical plugs that connect to the fuselage, no plastic covers, wiring, ball links, linkages or anything else.

I would be interested in buying a gray Avios C130 that may have had slightly more spectacular than planned last flight. I'm just looking for a donor aircraft to steal some parts off of.