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Posted by Blue Chip | Mar 13, 2012 @ 02:57 PM | 4,016 Views
Big Wing EZ...

This is my 3rd EZ Star build. After several hundreds of FPV hours I came to realize that the EZ is really a great platform. With a 2200mah battery it can keep up with the best of em. It's very stable and quite easy to fly - it makes FPV relaxing. Knowing that if something goes wrong the plane won't lawn dart into the ground is nice.

Being the 3rd build - I had plenty of experience with the EZ frame - and knew that there were certain things that I wanted to address.

1) Windy condition handling.
2) Cargo room for gear.
3) Better camera view
4) GoPro capabilities
5) Extended flight times

Well - 1 and 5 were handled the same way... by adding weight. A BUNCH of weight... I am running a 6000 inside of the fuse. With EZGlider wings it's a non issue though. You do have to watch dive speed - because there is a real possibility of folding a wing even with an extended length and diameter CF tube wing spar and laminated wings.

Here she is at the Central Florida FPV event taken from a Swify II.

One of the things that I needed to do to help with the controls with the big wings and no ailerons was to dramatically increase the size of the control surfaces. The elevator and rudder are both the same way now - connected to the airframe with hinges. Note the 2 nylon screws on the bottom... they actually hold the tail on - so I can remove the entire tail section if needed.

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