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Posted by IwantaJet | May 16, 2006 @ 11:26 PM | 3,635 Views
Fixed the Pitts yesterday and tonight after work. Brought it down to the Fort and taxied it around as there was too much breeze. After a bit the wind died off adn I flew it around the field. It seems to only turn left. I'll have to move the rudder pushrod in at the tail to get a bit more travel. One of the gear struts came loose on landing. Fixable.
Posted by IwantaJet | May 13, 2006 @ 01:50 AM | 3,343 Views

Went to the Glen Eagle site and flew the M-60 for two hours in 20 mph winds. I think the cg is finally spot on. Took breaks with the XR and later as the wind and sun went down with the Weasel. Glued them both up a bit when I got home.

I fixed the XR before going out. It wasn't a stripped servo. The soldered joint between the servo clevis and the goldenrod had broken loose. Glued it up with thick CA. Hope it's permanent.
Posted by IwantaJet | May 13, 2006 @ 01:46 AM | 3,169 Views
Went to Fort Missoula to try the Pitts. Didn't wnat to maiden it with a audience so watched the foxes at their den for a while. When I did try to fly it I was surprised at the power in that little motor on 2 cells. It lifted right up into a loop - a ground loop, unfortunately. The stick mount broke along with some foam. Fixable.

I tossed the Alula around for a half hour waiting to see if the lipo would explode. It didn't.
Posted by IwantaJet | May 01, 2006 @ 12:19 AM | 2,636 Views
Chris Swan (chris country) visited from Portland. Jer and I had a nice day flying with him and his gf Jennifer. It would be nice if they found work here, we could use more folks to fly with. The wind was nice but cold in the morning, tapering off as it got warmer til we left at 3-3:30.

There were lots of crows, red tails, a couple of bald eagles and some gulls sharing the slope at various times. Saw a wild turkey at the foot of the hill.

Flew the M-60 and got the cg moved back a bit. Stripped a servo on the XR I just finished recovering .

Had an uneventful maiden of the Fun-1 though it seemed a little slower than I expected. The second landing was a bit too much fun, I ran out of lift and got a bit too far back on the hill, but It turned out ok. I think it will be a fun plane.
Posted by IwantaJet | Apr 18, 2006 @ 12:06 AM | 2,892 Views
Remounted the wing hold down plates in the Fun-1 and reinforced the fuse with CF tape.

Put some CF tape in the Omei too. The minor damage it took in the last crash turned out to be more extensive than I thought. The fuse is cracked up pretty good. Thinking about putting a layer or two of glass on the outside front half of the fuse and around the motor mount, inside and out.

Pitts is done and awaits nice weather to maiden.
Posted by IwantaJet | Apr 09, 2006 @ 06:29 PM | 2,644 Views
Flew off of Glen Eagle today. Winds lighter up there than in the valley for some reason. None at all when I got there. It kicked up a bit afer 15min or so. Remaidened the XR and it flew well but needed nearly all the up trim I could give it. I left my toolbox at home so I couldn't adjust the pushrods.

Jerry and Ronnie and Tina showed up about then. The wind came up a bit more so I got out the M-60. After adding 6-8 clicks (beeps?) of downtrim it flew pretty well but the wind didn't stay up long enough to wring it out. It dosen't look all that fast in the air but Ronnie's wing couldn't keep up with it. Jerry says his M-60 flew like a pig. He's still messing with the c/g. We need a smooth big wind day to get these planks on step.

Flew the Weasel some and finally the Alula as the wind continued to dwindle. Had my longest flight ever with the Alula.

Red Tails thermalling overhead.

Tonoght: dink with the XR. Maybe cover the wing on the F-80.
Posted by IwantaJet | Apr 03, 2006 @ 01:12 AM | 2,850 Views
I'm going to try to use this blog as a flight and build log.

Today I hiked up Waterworks with the Weasel and Alula in an AntiZagi wind. Flew the Alula a bit and it seems the CG is a bit forward. How did that happen? Maybe that covering repair? But I'd swear that was behind the CG. I'll have to rebalance it. Again.

Soddered up the servo harness for the F-80.

Test glided the Fun-1 in the back pasture. Seems to fly OK but knocked the hold down plates loose when I dorked it in after a too gentle toss. Oh well, guess I can reinforce the fuse now, like everyone here tells me I should.
Posted by IwantaJet | Feb 28, 2006 @ 02:37 AM | 2,652 Views
If you're reading this, you really need to get a life. Go fly something or build something or buy something or go to sleep. It's late.