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Posted by IwantaJet | Aug 26, 2007 @ 01:55 AM | 4,138 Views
Flew today with Jerry, Ronnie, Larry and John plus spectators Don and Larry's neighbor. The wind was, for the most part, strong and steady at 25-30. For a bit it was steady at 40 with gusts to 50. The 40+oz JW handled like a combat wing in that. Speaking of combat wings those Pred Bees are a blast.

When it calmed down later I successfully and uneventfully remaidened the Fun-1 with its new wing. It seemed tame after the Expresso. Time to ballast her up .

I'm doing the PURT thing on the LEG Jart wing. The PU is drying now. So far so good.
Posted by IwantaJet | Aug 11, 2007 @ 02:27 AM | 4,070 Views
Bee and JW tonight. The XR has a stripped servo. Susan and Lily and Rif and Don came too. We flew kites also. Jerry showed up on his bike.

On the first flight with the LEDs lit a nighthawk swooped in and shadowed the plane. We swooped at each other for a few minutes like they do together.

Picked up a roll of yellow covering from Chris.

The PURT experiment progresses.
Posted by IwantaJet | Aug 09, 2007 @ 02:19 AM | 4,119 Views
Flew alone tonight after a two week drought. The wind was steady at 20 with frequent gusts to 30. I found it quite turbulent and not as "lifty" as usual. Flew the JW and the Bee. It was a bit much for me to fly the Expresso, I need more stick time in lesser air before I ballast her up.

The Jart progresses. It needs more sanding than I'd really like to do but most of it is done now.

The new wing for the Fun-1 is coming along too. I did the ca hinges, something new for me. It would be covered but I ran out of purple.