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Posted by IwantaJet | Mar 19, 2007 @ 01:36 AM | 2,503 Views
Went up south Sentinel with the boys. Front side lift is not as good as Glen Eagle but the backside groove is nice. Flew the XR as it's about the only thing that flys right now. Chris was DSing the carbon Bird, the Blade and the Bat. I could hear them from 150' away. Smokin' fast.

Ronny maidened the Spyder 60. That is sure a nice flyer.

Fixed the F-80. Glued the wing on. Rehinged the rudder on the Pitts, it's good to go. Got the lights laid out on the Bee, it's next. Need a pot to melt lead for the JW.
Posted by IwantaJet | Mar 14, 2007 @ 01:15 AM | 2,253 Views
Big air.

Flew after work with Jerry, Ronnie and Chris. Crunched the front wing mount on the F-80 - again. I think I'll glue the wing right to the fuse this time. If it breaks again the gear goes in a new plane.

Flew the Fun-1 for a half hour with full ballast and it rocked. Unfortunately I got turned around coming out of the sun so when I righted what I thought was an inverted plane and pulled up away from the slope I actually rolled her inverted and nosed in. The wing is toast but everything else survived. I think I can fix the wing but I'm going to try to get another.

Jerry abused his M60 and needs repairs. His Carbannana needs a new servo. Ronnie flew the Bee as his Destiny is still awaiting repairs and the Spyder is under construction.

Chris flew the Blade 2M. It is an awesome plane and he has the skills for it. I've been wanting one but I think I'll hold off until I think I can handle it. Maybe I'll get a Destiny or a V2 first.
Posted by IwantaJet | Mar 07, 2007 @ 01:19 AM | 2,402 Views
Maidened the Renny today. It flew well except the prop wouldn't fold. It just kept spinning like a 10" airbrake hanging on the nose. As soon as I turned off the throttle it would slow way down and tip stall in any but the gentlest of turns. I'll have to check the programming on the ESC and make sure the brake is on.

The JW progresses. The gear is in, or nearly. The epoxy potting the servos is drying. All the holes are cut. All the soddering is done. It's warm enough to put on the goop, maybe tomorrow.