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Posted by Aerophoto | Nov 11, 2010 @ 10:02 AM | 4,223 Views
Some Epp kits like Free Air Models kits help us to find and to concretise in a few hours one plane ready to fly for indoor applications !
The Easy model can help us to find a plane with real capacities in indoor flying !
This plane can use a brushed motor called Mig 28 , it can offer from 10 to 60 W and is 46 gr weight !
The flight configuration is programmed for a weight of 230 gr !
Wings and fuselage (41gr+ 36gr = 77 gr )
The best configuration will be done if the wing is sticked directly on the fuselage !
Some brushless engine can be used , this can help us to have a better equilibrium of the plane !
One of them is the EM2020-31 with 2500 kv 11gr and 16,5gr with 2mm connectors !
The power can reach 5O W !
We are going to use the classic motor handle .