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Posted by leereyn | Jan 06, 2010 @ 01:16 PM | 7,042 Views
Here's my latest project. MIA Microflight MD500E fuselage for my mSR. I'm not sure I'm done tweaking on it. This is what I have so far. The struts and skids are mods I made. The graphics are things I had laying around. I also made a battery tray with velcro and balsa. Fuse adds a little less than 3 grams to total weight which is 32.85 grams. Flight time is about 4 and a half minutes on stock 120 E-flite batteries. It's very stable and looks good in the air. The landing gear is made out of coffee stirrers. I thought the stock landing gear was too tall. I shaved the width of the stock struts, then pressed them inside the stirrers for strength, shortened them and epoxied to MIA frame.
Posted by leereyn | Dec 20, 2009 @ 06:03 PM | 5,293 Views
Well here's the latest editions to my heli habit. A Walkera CB100 and an E-flite mSR. I've been looking for an indoor heli since I started flying helicopters and now I have two. I bought an MS Composit Hornet several years ago to fly inside, but it was really too big and I never could get that shaft driven tail to hold. Who knew we would eventually end up with helis this small that buzz around in your living room this well. Life is good!
Posted by leereyn | Dec 17, 2009 @ 03:25 PM | 4,916 Views
I'm fascinated by helicopters real and r/c. If I see a helicopter and can safely do so I always stop to watch it go by. Imagine my surprise one day as I'm sitting in my living room and I hear rotors hovering outside. I grabbed my camera and ran out the door. What I see is an MD500 with a man sitting on a platform working on the power lines that run beside my house. I snapped several shots and the guy on the platform even threw me a wave as they moved on. Very cool but very dangerous job.
Posted by leereyn | Dec 16, 2009 @ 03:15 AM | 5,652 Views
My interests are muscle cars, diecast cars, model replicas of my 1:1 cars, and last but not least r/c, mainly helicopters. Below are pictures of my "real" cars. The 1981 Z28 I've owned since 1986. That's why I refer to her as my wife. The 1970 El Camino is mine and my brothers. We bought it in 2003 and the 1981 Vette I bought in 2006. I refer to them as my girlfriends.