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Posted by bjohnson80 | Sep 21, 2012 @ 01:25 PM | 2,856 Views
Going old school, I picked up this 1/3 scale Godfrey Laser eariler this summer. Precision Eagle 4.2 and Futaba 9202 servos. It was built in 1998. Always wanted a Godfrey Laser. The two pictures were taken 26 years apart at the same flying field. The one from 1986 belonged to the guy that taught me how to fly, and it had a big Saito twin in it. So cool! The Laser is fun to fly, and a heck of a lot more challenging to fly well compared to the modern designs.
Posted by bjohnson80 | Feb 13, 2012 @ 03:53 PM | 2,892 Views
My new 60" Extra EXP. Powered by Motrofly 4315-500, CC Ice 100, Spektrum H5010 digital servos and set up for 5s 3700-4000. Only have four flights so far due to the weather, but I am very impressed! I assumed it would 3D great (and it does) but suprised how well it flys precision with the rates turned down.
Posted by bjohnson80 | Jan 06, 2012 @ 11:48 AM | 3,328 Views
My very first airplane my dad built me as a kid was a Great Planes Trainer 20. Sadly, it was lost in a tragic way on a gloomy rainy fall evening when I was in high school. Fast forward 20 years, and my very best buddy found a NIB kit and gave it to me for Xmas.

This same buddy happened to be in town on new years eve, and after a few beers it was decided we would begin framing up the Trainer 20! A few things suprised us. 1. The quality of the wood in a 20+ year old kit was excellent. 2. How overbuilt airframes were back then. 3. We actually did a good job and the fuse is straight (that bottle of Captian Morgan was full when we unrolled the plans) Yes, we both have children and this is how one with children "rips it up" on new years eve....

I still have the original OS 28 two stroke from my frist T-20, and I may use that motor, and possibly even a 72mhz system to complete the old school theme. Its going to be a tail dragger this time, thats the only planned change.

More pictures will be added as I progress.

Decided to use a Saito 30 for power. Weights almost exactly the same as the old OS 28, and makes less noise!...Continue Reading
Posted by bjohnson80 | Nov 21, 2011 @ 04:18 PM | 5,097 Views
I am getting ready to start a Byron T-28 kit that has been sitting in the shop for years. 96" wing, and the top of the rudder is almost 36" when she is on her gear. I have the speed brake kit, Robart retracts, and cockpit kit. Power will either be a DA 85 or DA 100, have not really decided yet. It has been a long time since I have build a glass fuse, foam/wood wing kit, but I am getting excited to tear into it. As I progress, I will update with build pics.

Update 11/28/2011
Gear door cuts outs have been removed, and all main fuse formers have been assembled, tacked in place and ready for Hysol. Speed brake cut out and ready for hinging.

Update 12/7/2011
All main formers have been glued in. Speed brake fit and installed, linkages hooked up. Ready to start the wings.

Update 2/21/12
Remaining fuse formers in, Nose gear mount framed up with air cylinder, wing spars set and glued, wings sheeted.

Update 3/12/12
Wings mostly complete. Ailerons hinged, one flap complete, wing tips sanded and shaped.

Update 1/3/15
Nearly framed up. Major tasks that remain- Rudder post needs to be installed, servo pockets need to be cut for ailerons and flaps, mount cowl with a cowl ring, canopy/hatch needs to be built. Then we are onto finishing....Continue Reading
Posted by bjohnson80 | Nov 18, 2011 @ 05:30 PM | 4,015 Views
Really enjoying my Eflite Super Cub. Power is by Scorpion, 13x6 prop and 4S 4000 Blue Lipo Packs. I used the Eflite light kit and cockpit kit. Very fun to fly, and is similar to my 1/4 scale Super Cub. Have about 20 flights so far, and only issue was one of the O rings on the scale landing gear failed. Simple fix via new O ring from the hardware store. The pilot is " The Dude" aka Jeffrey Lebowski.
Posted by bjohnson80 | Aug 29, 2011 @ 11:33 AM | 3,738 Views
Dave Patrick 1/4 Super Cub. OS 160 twin, scale exhaust, JR radio. The last glow powered plane in the fleet. Lots of fun to fly!
Posted by bjohnson80 | Jun 17, 2011 @ 10:04 AM | 4,682 Views
Extreme Flight Extra 300 set up with Scorpion 5525-225, Castle HV 85, BEC Pro, APC 20x13 and 10S 5000. JR 8611's throughout. Makes about 3000 watts and weights 12lbs 6 oz. Set up for precision flying and IMAC, but will easily 3D. One of the best IMAC planes I have flown in this size. Only down side is the 10S packs, takes longer to charge. This airframe has the Eagle Tree data logger V3 in it with the GPS. The amazing part of the GPS is how high you end up flying when flying a precision sequence. Often my up lines are 1000' AGL. I was pretty shocked when I first saw that info, and wondered how high we got the 35-40% planes when flying IMAC.
Posted by bjohnson80 | Jun 17, 2011 @ 09:58 AM | 4,474 Views
3DHS 70" Slick set up with Hacker A50 12L, ICE 100, 6S 5000, APC 19x10 and JR servos. Balanced and set up for a good mix of 3D and precision. Really like this plane. Perfect size, and flys much bigger than it is.

This is Slick #2. Had the first one last summer, and sold it in the fall. Regret my decision to sell, so I geared up the exact same set up early this spring. I saved my radio set up in my 9503, and it was almost perfect in the new airframe.