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Review on 1/10 crawler, SCX10 Deadbolt

This is a review article on SCX10 deadbolt. This RC crawling jeep is ready to run on any rocky and wet condition. That mean once you buy it, if you have the required battery and charger, you can have fun right away. Axial designed this jeep to run on any dirt surface easily. I personally enjoy running this jeep on a beach as it looks real when water and sand spread all over it. Not many RC off road cars are suitable for running on sand.
I now list out the pros and cons for this RC crawling jeep, so that you can decide for yourself if you really want to get this jeep. This information is from my personal experience in driving this RC crawling jeep.

Should I buy the Deadbolt?


This RC jeep is very durable as its main frame components are made of metal material. During the time I had this RC jeep, nothing was broken. Then, I wanted a high speed jeep, so I sold the Deadbolt eventually.
The AE-5 ESC (electronic speed controller) can handle 3S Lipo so this jeep can run faster and crawl higher. AE-5 is also water-proof so you can drive this jeep on a beach without any worry.
This RC jeep is using 27T brushed motor so it has enough space for replacing the original motor with any high turn brushed motors or brushless motors. By doing so, this little beast can become a superb crawler.
This jeep is 4-wheel drive, so it hardly gets stuck in the mud or sand.
This jeepís wheel base can be extended by using longer suspension...Continue Reading
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How to Cool Down Brushless RC Car Motor (1 min 27 sec)

A fan inside our RC cars

Everyone should know that there is a fan inside each computer. Without this fan, our computer will not be able to work properly as the heat inside our computer is very high. After you press the start button, your computer should start up but within minutes, it will stop working.

Then, should you install a fan inside your RC car? Is it necessary? It really depends on what power system are you using for your RC car. If you are using a lower power brushed motor with 7.2v nimh battery, you might not need it. However, if you are using Lipo batteries with brush-less motor, you should also install an electric fan on top of your electronic system. You definitely do not want to damage your expensive electronic system, do you?

Once I was using a 3S lipo batteries with a 60A ESC, I actually burnt down my ESC as the electricity is too strong, so the heat is also very high. Finally, I solved the problem by installing a fan with a new ESC .

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This is a Rock racer produced by Axial, an American company. Axial are producing all of its RC crawling jeeps in Taiwan. Axial has slower scaled crawlers, more capable rocker racer, and professional rock crawlers. Ax90045 is one of their rock racers. If you like speed and the capability of crawling, you must get this one. This short article is about the pro and con of this RC jeep.

Can AX90045 run well?

Can AX90045 climb well?

Should I get AX90045

While this RC Crawling jeep has everything in plastics, it is very durable. In fact, my little jeep bumped into walls several times but nothing got damage so far.

It is using 540 motor, so you are sure that your can replace the brushed motor with a brushless one if you want a more capable RC jeep.

This little RC jeep has giant wheels so it can climb easily.

This RC crawling jeep has a lot of optional parts you can use for modification. When you buy a RC jeep, modifying your jeep is one of things you should consider doing as it is a lot fun. You will believe that you are the mechanic. I wrote one article about how to modify your jeep in my blog.

You can use 2S or 3S lipo battery for your RC crawling jeep as it is using AE5, a speed control that can handle 3S lipo. Using 3S lipo makes your RC jeep more capable in rocky roads.

For its frame construction, this RC jeep can run on beach. After running it, you can easily clean your car.


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RC Rock Crawling w/ winch Scale Trials | Mortorama 2016 (10 min 33 sec)

Why RC rock crawling jeep might catch your attention;

Modern life is full of stress; it is especially true in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Macau. From Monday through Friday, people living in those cities usually are extremely busy doing tasks for the money. They might hate their job, but for having a comfortable live, they need to do it. Thus, many people try to find something interesting to do during weekend so they can temporally escape from their work. Some people good with their hands might be interested in having a hobby that requires the use of their hands, mechanical mind, and trouble shooting ability. Then, RC rock crawling jeep might be the answer for their request. Playing RC rock crawling jeeps is not equivalent to playing toy cars; it requires a lot of skills and knowledge on working machines and electronic system.

What can Hong Kong RC rock crawling Jeep offer?

These potential hobbyists come to my site for information they might need. Some of these hobbyists have a limited budget. Here, you will find out what you need to start this hobby. You will find video and text reviews for certain RC rock crawling jeeps. I as a RC hobbyist have purchased and played with many types of RC off road jeeps since 1980s. Thus, as visitors, you must find something interesting and fit your budget. You can also find out tips for upgrading and modifying...Continue Reading
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Penn State University Campus Drone Tour 2017 (3 min 40 sec)

Pennsylvania State University, is a prominent public research university located in Pennsylvania, USA. The United States Penn State University in Pennsylvania throughout the 24 campus, the largest of which is the main campus for the University Park. Penn State Universityís University Park campus is ranked eighth in the nationís public universities

Pennsylvania State University has a big campus. Once you enter it, you probably will think what activities you can do there. Besides studies, I think you can hold many different kinds of activities there. One of those activities can be RC racing as this university has many large lots of land.

This is one of the top universities in the world; students study very hard for their future. While preparing for their future is important, they really need a break to escape from their studies during the weekend. Playing RC cars or participate in a RC racing is something they should consider doing as this is very exciting, and at the same time they can learn how to use their hands and mind together to solve problems. It is a very effective stress reducer.

To join a RC race, the participants need to lean how to modify their RC cars.

To win in a race, they are required to learn the basic theories and concepts of physics, and know how to apply them. They need to know how to choose the appropriate motor for their car. Also they must understand how the shock absorbers can help a car run smoothly and increase speed. As their carís speed goes up, they need to know how to reinforce the body of their car. What materials are good for their purpose. Therefore, RC cars are not toy cars; all driver need to be able to apply their knowledge with their hands.

I hope everyone who is busy can escape his daily routine with RC during a weekend. Welcome to read more of my article in Thanks
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RC CRAWLER - AXIAL SCX10 - BRUTAL JEEP - 3500KV Brushless motor test (3 min 7 sec)

Should I use brushless motors and lipo batteries for my RC jeep/crawler?

I am Carlos, a primary school teacher. I have been in the radio control car hobby for more than 30 years. I have experience in playing on road and off road cars. Long time ago, when we talked about off road racing, we usually mean those radio control cars that can handle sandy and uneven surface with really high speed. In the recent years, there is a new type of superb off road car; it has a steady (slow) speed, but can climb very steep rocky mountain.† This steep mountains are too much for a regular off road racer to handle.

However, with a background in on-road racing, many hobbyists might not be used to the steady (slow) speed of a powerful crawler. They might lose patient eventually, Then, there might be an urge for them to replace the original motor come with their cars.

For this reason, we must understand that these crawlers are not designed for high speed.† There is a high speed rock crawler one can buy; it is Yeti from Axial.

Today, in many online shops, they will find many options for upgrading their cars. They can choose from somewhat slower brushed motors (higher torque) to very fast brushless motors.

When they want to upgrade their jeep/truck with a brushless motor with lipo battery, they have to pay extra attention; otherwise, they will overpower their truck; it might roll over easily as the...Continue Reading
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Top 9 Best Cheapest Chinese RC Cars You Can Buy In 2017 / 2018 (19 min 58 sec)

When we think of Chinese products, we might relate them to low quality and low prices, but in reality, that might not be the fact.† The reason why Chinese products are usually at a lower prices is that; Chinese average wages are still low when they are compared to the wages earned by western workers.† Thus, manufacturers are able to lower their manufacturing overhead.

However, to compete with their western competitors, these manufacturers have to use higher quality raw materials.† This is, in fact, they usually have to make some clones of famous RC jeeps as their design expenditure is very low. Stealing other company's ideas is clearly wrong.† However, in the view point of a consumer with limited budget, we might want to pay some attention to any RC jeep made in China.† For these reason, the quality of these radio controlled cars are not as bad as we think of.† In fact, many well-known radio controlled cars are made in China nowadays.

Don't believe what I just said.† Watch to video presented above. and you will understand my points.† You will find out that Many Chinese RC cars are indeed very durable and fast.† HSP is one of the famous RC brands of China.† HSP is a registered Hong Kong company.† RGT is one of its subsidiaries. † They have product lines in on road, off road, buggies, crawlers, electric, gas powered rc cars/jeep/trucks.† On eBay, and Amazon, their prices are usually 200%...Continue Reading
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rock hammer RGT climbing 60 degree hill (1 min 50 sec)

This is a RC jeep called Hammer, produced by RGT, a subsidiary of HSPracing Company. It is a famous Chinese RC car company located in Dongguan, the toy city of Canton. RGT is focusing on producing and selling premium version of RC cars.

The look of this RC jeep is very good. Before we go into the introduction of this RC car, let’s watch a video to see how it performs first. This car can give a very good first impression to most of the viewers. It is a powerful 4wd RC jeep; in fact it can climb a deep hill very easily.

In this video, we should notice that the Hammer is very durable as its body frames, suspension and steering links are all made of aluminum materials. Having this kind of equipment right out the box is not common; even the Axial’s RC jeeps do not have these. We usually have to buy aluminum option parts to upgrade our Axial’s jeeps. The Hammer also has a 540 motor preinstalled. In other RGT RC Jeeps, you will find a less powerful motor (RC280), so it is a plus sign for the Hammer.† You can ensure that you will have enough space in the jeep for upgrading it with a higher turned brushed motor or a brushless system easily. A waterproof 9 KG servo and Hobbywing wp1040 esc are preinstalled. Surely, you can also use your Lipo battery to empower this modern RC jeep. We can ensure that this jeep can take up the abuse in the rocky roads given the materials used to construct this jeep. In...Continue Reading