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Posted by johnj757 | Feb 28, 2018 @ 01:35 PM | 3,923 Views
Hi everyone.i recently purchased a bayangtoys x21 off eBay from a reputable dealer who is antiquechina2009. And on the first day it was delivered (date 2/24/2018),I put the propellers on the drone and set everything up to fly.i was able to calibrate gps and get the motors to fire up but not lift off the ground to fly on the first day. So I stopped messing with it until two days later (date 2/26/2018),cause the battery charger that they sent me with the drone was not I had to go to hobbytown to purchase a new battery charger and get them to test the li-po battery cells to make sure that was not the problem.thank god the battery was ok cause that would have cost me another $45 dollars after spending $25 dollars on the charger at hobbytown.ever since the (date 2/26/2018) when I got the new battery charger and tried to calibrate the gps once again an get the motors to fire up on the drone I haven't been able to.the drone keeps blinking green lights on the rear and red lights on the front of the drone. And I'm not talking about the error blinking lights either with the one long two short flashing lights.its just steadily blinking.i tried over a number of times and different ways,and yes I read the manual but nothing seems to work.i even watched some videos on YouTube to try to calibrate the gps on the drone and that haven't been working either.the remote control is flashing a red light in the circle indicater as well as gps one the screen is flashing but I do see that it is picking up well over 8 satellites where I live here in Richmond VA. So if anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated.or I would have to return the drone back to the seller for bad gps and bad battery charger...